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June 20, 2007

Wednesdays in the Word

Yesterday, I was thinking that a couple of my favorite people in Acts besides Paul of course, are Philip and Apollos.
They both have qualities that I want.
I like Philip because he went on these missions for God. Major divine appointments. And when they were over he was whisked away or as the Bible puts it "found" somewhere else doing something else for God. I think that is awesome.

Apollos is remembered as the guy that Priscilla and Aquila had to 'teach the way of God more accurately.' Somehow he didn't get the memo about the crucifixion and the RESURRECTION, bless his heart. What a lot of good news he heard that day!
Here are the three qualities that Acts 19 tells us about him that I admire:
1. He was 'eloquent'
2. He was 'mighty in the scriptures'
3. He was 'fervent in spirit serving the Lord'

Being 'mighty in the scriptures' isn't a gift, it just takes work and dedication to the Word. Reading it, knowing it, memorizing it. I'd like to be mighty in the scriptures one day.
And I love what my reference says about being 'fervent.'
It means: "living fervor, fiery hot and full of burning zeal."
I really love this part: "It is the opposite of dignified, cold, and unemotional."
Woohoo! I want to be like that! Actually we are suppose to be. Romans 12:11 tells us to "keep your spiritual fervor" (NIV) or "be fervent in spirit." (NKJ)

I've been hanging out in Acts lately and so next time I'll share some things I love about Paul and or Ananias.

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