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June 13, 2007

Greetings from remodelville

I thought I'd show you the lovely look of kitchens in the 1950's. Or at least this kitchen in 1954 and I don't think it was very lovely, really.

This is the original layer of wallpaper and linoleum that we found yesterday after lots and lots of demo.

The wallpaper is too funny. It says:
"organically grown vegetables" and "organic fruits." Sounds like an add for a health food store. Maybe it was "tres chic" to be into organic produce way back then??? : )

This was the floor. Which is pretty psychedelic looking...maybe it was ahead of its time?! Scary!
who doesn't want any wallpaper and who can't wait to have Travertine floors!


toni said...

I don't want wallpaper either. And I don't have any so it's all good there. But travertine floors, now there's something I must not covet. Can't wait to see them (I will not covet; I will not covet).

Firefly said...

Are you sure this is from the fifties? The reason I ask is that this is the exact same wallpaper and very nearly the same linoleum that my mother chose for her kitchen in the seventies. Those were really popular colors back then. Avocado green, harvest gold, burnt orange. Maybe the original was torn out in the seventies? My mother had everything removed before putting down new stuff. Maybe... Hey! You don't live in New Hampshire, do you?? *chuckle*

Thanks for visiting my blog and the kind comment. I will be sure to come visit you more often! :)

Becky said...

Firefly, I think you are right. They do look more 70ish than 50's. I can't believe your mom had this same paper! How amazing! : )
New Hampshire and Florida!