"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 31, 2011

Zac's graduation in pictures

We were up at 5:45 AM for the big day! Unless you were me and you woke up at 4:00 AM and were too nervous to go back to sleep!

The grad getting Dad's help with the tie

The still sleepy grad and the weepy, sentimental Mom

who actually didn't cry nearly as much as she thought she would

The proud, (sleepy) siblings!

With one missing because he got dressed up and then fell back to sleep on the couch ; )

Zac and Mom and Dad

The proud Uncle!

God gave us the grace we asked for and Phil handled the big day really well.

The happy grad!

The some of the sweet friends!

The excessive celebrating by the proud homeschooling parents

One down and three more to go! Whoo-hoo!!!

The Chinese food afterwards

because someone takes after their dad and not their mom. lol!

Then we all went home and napped for hours! More to come on the ceremony itself!

proud mom of her first home educated graduate and an awesome, godly young man at that!

May 30, 2011


When a certain cute guy of mine thinks I should pay for something and I tell him that he will have to use his OWN money,

he likes to say, in his serious voice, "Wow, I'm depraved."

But of course, he means deprived! LOL!

Obviously he is neither one and I can't help but giggle every time I correct him. For some reason he gets those two words confused.

It happened again today and when I corrected him, he informed me that he will:

"grow up to be depraved because he's been so deprived." Too funny!

Oh, the joys of raising teenage boys with a quick wit. ; )


May 24, 2011

Next big event...


It is this Sunday morning!
And the governor is speaking!

It will be a monumental moment in this homeschooling mom's heart.
~And I'll probably be a wreck. ; )

I'll be back when all the fun is over!

Prayers that all goes well with my brother-in-law at the event would be appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


May 23, 2011

The new adventure took a crazy turn

Last week, "the new adventure" -also known as the two months of caring for my brother-in-law who is a stroke patient,
took a painful turn.

Here are some words that will remind us of this week, not that we will ever forget it:

over stimulation, seizure, turning blue, a fall, a catch, a bad back, ER, pain, missed work, yard, street, a walk, ALONE, rush hour, scare, stubborn streak, speech, pain, family meeting, apology, forgiveness...

Not a week I ever want to relive, but things are better now. So thankful for my sweet relatives, church family and friends who've been praying for us. You are blessing I wouldn't want to live without!

Caring giving is never dull, I guess.


May 20, 2011

AZ bound after all

Well, God did something AMAZING and Zac IS going to Fine Arts Nationals after all!!!!
And so I'm back in the fund raising zone making necklaces once again.

We are SO excited for him. He's a humble guy with a servant's heart and I'm so excited that he is getting blessed. Since he is a senior, this is his last year to go, which makes it all the more special.
I'll try not to be jealous, : )
because if I was going to AZ this summer, I would be sure to visit my precious aunt and I would talk my dad into driving out from CA even though AZ in the summer has to be his least favorite place in the world. lol!

May 13, 2011

Catch up time on the blog!

It seems to be my lot in life lately to be flying by the seat of my pants from one major event to the next. -Too bad my family still expects dinner or I'd have it pretty easy. ; )

Mother's day was a lot of fun! I was spoiled with some fun gifts. We went out to lunch and then headed to the beach with BFF -Marcia and her kids.

Lots to do for my graduate lately. Graduation invites, graduation ceremony requirements, cap and gown order, register for college, take placement test, apply for Pell Grant etc...
Exciting times!

Last night we had our home school group's graduation. Beautiful event! Those new board members stepped it up quite a few notches from the one I gave last year. They transformed the room, had Debbie Strayer as a speaker and did a top notch job blessing our seniors and recognizing everyone's advancement to the next grade. Loved it! Debbie Strayer is a special friend of ours, and so it was a blessing to have her speak. She's been a big part of Zac's educational journey and he thanked her for all of her help and encouragement over the years.

Not sure that any of my boys will be attending fine arts nationals after all due to the cost and deadlines for the money being at the beginning of summer instead of the end. (in other words, not enough time to find summer jobs and start earning the money) But there will be other years for Nate and Andrew. I'm still making these necklaces even though they won't be a fund raiser now. They are a fun diversion and I love them! Have had several orders placed and I'm so excited. (black is the most popular) One of my sweet friends helped me make some on Saturday night while our girls were at a movie and then she bought a black one to wear Sunday morning and went around modeling for me in her black dress. : ) Too cute!

Friday, Nathan is going to "Uncle-sit" for us ; ) (aka -watch my hubby's brother) while we go on our first double date with one of our boys and a girl he's liked for awhile now.

Well, there's a lot more going on but this is the quick summation of the fun stuff! I am blessed that whatever family crisis we have going on at the present, it has nothing to do with our teenagers! (how cool is that?!) -They are amazing and they bless my socks off with their love and care for me, their love and honor for their dad, and their service to their uncle. May I not get distracted from the fact that I am very blessed and God is answering all of our prayers for them.


May 9, 2011

Lots of rosettes!

As I've mentioned, all three of my boys made it to fine arts nationals (insert cheering here)
but the cost per person is $900 since they will be flying to AZ and staying for a week in a hotel.

I spent my Saturday, watching some tutorials and I learned how to make rosette necklaces

which I'm planning to sell to try and help out with those enormous fees. Yay! -We'll see how it goes!

At least my boys will remember that mom tried to help out and didn't just spend the ENTIRE fine arts season complaining about the cost of gas for all those practices! LOL -Or maybe they will only remember my complaining so (enter blog post here) to serve as a reminder! : )

Planning to sell them for $12.00 a piece. Let me know if I can make you one. (add $3.00 for shipping) : )


May 6, 2011

Week Four of the new adventure

As you know we are caring for my brother-in-law for 2 months. He had a stroke last March.

I've enjoyed:

1. Listening to him talk economics with Zac

2. Watching Joy proudly push him in his wheel chair into a crowd of 200 teenagers (to see his nephews in the worship band)

3. Having him here for Andrew's birthday, Easter and soon enough- Zac's graduation

4. His sweet prayers. They begin "Good Evening, Father" and are filled with thanksgiving

5. Hearing his real laugh

6. Watching our kids rise to new levels of service and compassion

7. Watching him, love to watch Joy, play softball, and her waving to him from the outfield and him hugging her before she's up to bat

8. Hearing Nathan challenge him to take bigger strides and take steps faster and promising to catch him if he falls

9. Having him as my Sarah Palin's Alaska buddy. LOL
He and I love that show and I order it on Netflix. (it is right up his alley since he used to collect guns, hunt and work in the oil industry)

10. Having him here for Fine Arts Districts to cheer on our boys.

It isn't all easy and fun. But "whatever trials don't kill you, make you better" Right? (I think I read that quote somewhere) Anyway, we are learning to lean on the Lord and His grace in a whole new way and that can only be a good thing.


May 4, 2011

Wednesday in the Word

I love this:

"With what can be seen as divine humor, God chooses a stutter to speak for him, an infertile woman to be the mother of a nation, a weakling to defend him, a forgettable youngest son to be the most unforgettable king of this people, an unknown youngster to be the mother of his Son and a persecutor to take the gospel to the nations!" ~ Ann Spangler from Women of the Bible
God can do pretty amazing things with some willing vessels! : )

Happy Wednesday!