"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 25, 2009

"I love you" and its double meaning

I don't know how this got started. It surely wasn't my idea!
When we are singing in church and I am way off key, Joy whispers "I love you, Mom" in my ear.
I used to say, "Thank you. I love you too, Honey." Then she informed me that its a our code for "You are way off, Mom." LOL!
She, by the way, has a lovely voice and has taken voice lessons. I just make an enthusiastic 'joyful noise.'
Well, there are some worship services where I get to hear quite a few times that she loves me. And then I whisper back: "Go stand on the other side of Dad!" (that man can sing!)
On Wednesday nights I help out in the youth service and I LOVE the praise and worship!
Well, I must have been pretty into it last night because I heard a sweet voice inside my head saying "I love you, Mom." ; )
I guess she's got me pretty well trained now.


The weekend

Life is starting to get back to normal around here.
Our trip to Georgia was certainly memorable.
Unfortunately, Nathan came down with that flu bug that Andrew and I had last week while we were on the trip, poor guy! ~No fun to be sick and on the go.
He was losing his voice, felt awful and had a fever, but he quizzed anyway.
There was one round where he just had to sit out because he felt SO bad. We went downstairs and he laid across a bunch of chairs. I called my hubby to pray and he had some of the guys at work praying also...After that he started feeling better and got back up and wanted to quiz some more.
Amazingly, he was blessed to come in first place in the second division. PTL!

He is not quite over it yet and my hubby has it. But there is light at the end of this "flu tunnel" Hooray! : )
I can't wait until we are all healthy again!

Some fun news came our way. -We found out that our friends from TX are going to come and spend spring break with us!


February 22, 2009

What a trip!

I'm so proud of Nathan!

~Not because of his trophy or his points...
But for who he is and how he treats others.
When situations are very difficult,
who you are, really shows....
This mom feels so blessed!


February 20, 2009

Hi from Georgia!

Nathan and I are at a TBQ tournament!
It is 39 degrees here! BRRRRR!!!
All three quizzers on our team are sick. : (
They had a rough go of it today but they played hard and did really well!
~Looking forward to a good night's sleep!
They are all starting to feel better now. Thank the Lord!


February 18, 2009

Who wants to wash their hair with whip cream?

Personally, I would rather eat whipped cream. I loved it when I was a kid and I had big plans when I was little to grow up and eat nothing but whipped cream. ; )
So when I saw:
Wash Your Hair with Whipped Cream and Hundreds More Offbeat Uses for Even More Brand-Name Products by Joey Green at the library, curiosity got the best of me and I checked it out.

Here are ones I might actually try:

~Extend the life of freshly cut flowers with 20 drops of Chlorox bleach in each qt. of water
~Use 1 cup of Aunt Jemima syrup to prolong the life of a Christmas tree
~Remove stains from carpets with Barbasol shaving cream
~Use ChapStick to stop bleeding while shaving
~Remove white rings from wood furniture with Miracle Whip
And here's a highlight: Tang isn't just for drinking. (not that I ever do anyway) The citric acid in it will clean your toilet and get rid of grunge and soap scum in your dishwasher.


Now these, were just goofy:

~Use your hairdryer to dry salad greens or warm your bed sheets
~Use Alberto VO5 hairspray to immobilize flying insects (Imagine the fun I can have in Florida with mosquitoes, if I have nothing better to do, that is)
~Put Crisco on a snow shovel to prevent snow sticking (Can't try that here)
~Use a Frisbee as a pet dish
~Jell-0 dissolved in warm water can be used as styling gel (not trying that one!)
~Use a tooth brush to stake up small plants (lovely!)
~Clean wallpaper with day-old Wonder bread (I knew that stuff wasn't for human consumption!)
~And last but not least, condition your hair with 1/2 cup of whip cream once a week and leave it on for 30 minutes...If you can keep from eating it.


February 15, 2009

Sick buddies

I can't remember the last time I was sick and had a buddy!

~There have been lots of times when I've nursed kiddos and then ended up in bed when everyone else is over the 'bug.' Lots of times. : )
~And plenty of times when I've been the only one to catch something. (with great relief)

Right now, I have one sweet bed buddy. It's not nearly so depressing to be feeling rotten with a cute, talkative 9 yr. old next to you who feels the same way.
We compare symptoms,
feel each others fevers and get each other glasses of water even though it hurts to get up.
He let me know that I look weird when I sleep (LOL -I'm not surprised)
and I let him know that he looks adorable when he sleeps. : )

We've also been watching our favorite Sp*derman movies together. My favorite is the third one. I love all the spiritual lessons you can pull out of that movie!
Like 'pride going before a fall' and how revenge and anger can take over your life. And one that I add is: "saving our kisses for the person we are really going to marry." : )
I like to hear my little guy's take on these topics. Of course, all that action and watching MJ hanging and falling from every location possible isn't very relaxing...

I think we are on the upswing now.
Here's hoping we are better tomorrow!

February 12, 2009

His love

After reading her Bible this morning, Joy told me she found a "Valentine verse."

"How great is the love

the Father has lavished on us

that we should be called children of God."

~1 John 3:1

AMEN! : )
Happy Valentines Day! May you feel His great love lavished upon you!
~Becky and Joy

February 9, 2009

Resort fun!

We're back!
We had a great week. (Thank you, Grand Dad!)

We all missed our 'fun and happy Dad' that's for sure!

Here were some of the highlights:

~Being given keys to our cottage that didn't work. Actually, make that 3 sets of keys that didn't work. In the rain! For an hour and a half! UGH! We were a wet and grumpy crew by then
~Spending the gift card to make up for that hour and a half in the rain!
~Artic swimming on Tuesday! We played in the heated pool and lazy river even though it was only 54 degrees outside! Our legs felt numb when we ran to and from the jacuzzi.
~Overdosing on vitamin C to counteract our swimming adventure.
~The game room! Lots of ping pong and Rock Band.
~Being blessed to have the Z and N join us for a few days while their parents were at a conference nearby.
~Joy and N doing their version of 'mattress surfing' on two foot long banisters. ; )
~Andrew and his friend Z locking all the DS's and ipods in the safe and the combination NOT working! ; ) A timer came on and it wouldn't open for 30 minutes!
~Spending the "Wiggle Money" as Andrew callled it.
~Riding the water slide a gazillion times.
~Playing football on the golf course.
~Watching enough Disney Channel to make this mom want to gag! (thank heavens we don't have cable at home!)
~Shopping for my teen Bible Quizzer.
~A warm day of swimming -Hurray! Lots of fun with Z and N before they had to leave!
~Dad and Nate's day at the TBQ match.
~A date night for us! : )
~Nate as the reigning ping pong champ against 3 men from NY!
~Raccoon watching! Those things make the rounds and hang down from tree branches opening trash cans. Amazing!
~Here's a big shout out for Sizzler and the all-you-can-eat breakfasts for $4.95!!!!! Do we have a Sizzler at here?!

Thank you Grand Dad! It was so MUCH fun!!!!!!!!!!!!