"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 27, 2012

A new missions project which may be TMI

Every winter, Joy and I are blessed with a group, that the Lord rounds up, of sweet moms and daughters, and we knit as many hats as possible for missionaries to pass out to children on a Native American reservation in South Dakota for Christmas. We call it Hats of Hope. -Love it! It is so much fun! We do this from Aug to Nov. -Knitting and fall just go together in my mind now.

Since it is just barely even winter here in FL right now, (and sometimes it is 80 degrees even though it is February!) it is NOT knitting weather in my mind. : ) So, I got excited about another missions project which presented itself now that I have my sewing machine fixed.
It isn't as fun per se, because it isn't one you really want to talk about...

(said in a whispering voice) I'm sewing sanitary napkins.

They are going to be passed out by a missionary who goes into a womens prison in Africa to share the gospel. These women have NOTHING. And especially not anything easy and disposable like we do in the good ol' U.S. of A..
So, the great thing about these, apparently, is that they can be washed and reused. (TMI, I know!) But, way better than NOTHING and very soft since they are made of flannel.

I kind of feel like I'm working on a secret project, because you just can't leave those finished products out in plain sight when teens are popping over all the time. ; )
My boys have all asked me what I'm sewing and then may or may not have ended up putting their hands over their ears half way through my explanation and walked away.

-Speaking of this,
our puppy is in heat! (more TMI, I know)
My hubby laughed about it on the phone. I think he said something to the effect of, 'Four teens and a stroke patient weren't enough and now you get to add a puppy in heat! Have fun, Honey!'
(yes, the fun never ends around here) Our puppy, Bree, ran out of our gate tonight, with Joy not far behind and yelling to hubby and I for help. But, as she said, we were "too busy making out" to hear me.
So, yeah... life might be next-door to crazy right now,
but at least I get kissed on our front porch every night by a wonderful man!
Certainly THAT can't be too much TMI after everything else you've read! ; )


February 25, 2012

The Great I Am

I can't say enough about how much I love this song!

There is no one like the Great I AM! We sang it at church a few weeks ago and I had to head straight to iTunes when we got home and buy it. (which is very unlike me) Then I put it on my ipod and my hubby's and listened to it whenever I got the chance.
One night when hubby and I were discouraged, we may or may not have blasted it at 10:45 PM and shocked the teens in our house. lol ~Worship, weeping and prayer followed! Love it! In the morning, I was heard to say "You guys just HAVE to hear this worship song. You will love it." To which our teens said, "Yeah, umm, we did actually...really loudly, late last night." Bahaha!

Enjoy some time with the Great I Am, yourself! There is no one like Him!
Go here and worship your face off! : )

February 23, 2012

Oh Hollywood!

I had the pleasure of teaching the high school girls' class tonight at church. I actually didn't have to teach though. They had just studied Esther and were scheduled to watch "One night with the King."
What an easy night to be a sub! And what fun! -Sit around, drink hot chocolate, eat something yummy, (or at least watch them) while watching a movie with 7 great girls! (one of whom is mine!)  -'Yes, please! Ask me anytime!' ; )

So, I haven't seen that movie but once and it was AGES ago...

I just couldn't keep my mouth shut at one point and had to interrupt the movie to say that:
 "The REAL Esther would NOT have been making plans to run off to Jerusalem in a caravan with some guy!" lol
How lame can Hollywood be when it comes to the story of Esther? : )
Joy and I had a good laugh over my interruption later, because she wasn't a bit surprised that I HAD to speak up.
I enjoyed the rest of the movie though, loved the gorgeous costumes, enjoyed the sweet girls and was blessed when a mom said that this class is changing her daughter's life. (awesome to hear even though I was only a sub!) God is good!


February 17, 2012

Love day fun

I've been inspired by a sweet friend of mine who decorates her home for every holiday and since I'm on a pennant banner kick, I pretty much have to make one and hang it for each and every occasion. : )  I LOVE them.

 -And because of that, I don't think my boys even notice what is hanging over their heads anymore. lol
Usually, I make them out of scrapbook paper but since I was sick for days on end prior too, I just used fabric!

I put out some red candles and red place mats and in the morning I made all my 'loves' chocolate chip muffins.

That night, we had fun on a TRIPLE date with our oldest boys and their 'Valentines.'


February 16, 2012

As I've mentioned a bunch, we are caring for my brother-in-law who is a stroke patient. (living 6 mo. here and 6 mo. at my hubby's other brother's home for now)

And it is HARD... Not gonna lie.
But there is one thing that is out and out SCARY and that is the possibility of him having a seizure. (even though he takes anti-seizure meds)
The last time he stayed with us, he had one in the bathroom at our church and my hubby physically caught him. He turned blue. Hubby had to drag him from the bathroom and yell for someone in the lobby to call 911. (his phone was in the car) It was really crazy and frightening. When it was over he was absolutely fine. My hubby wasn't though. In the process of all that his back went out. He missed a lot of work. Then it sort of healed, but not really, went out again and he missed a lot more work without pay when his vacation days ran out. (a dark time, but God provided) So, that incident and the possibility of him having another, lingers in the back of our minds. -Hubby does back exercises nightly to strengthen his core and wears a back brace when we take his brother to church, just in case...

All that to say, TODAY was that day. He had a seizure.
And GOD was so graciously faithful to us.
His grace was more than abundant.
It couldn't have been a better situation.
And this time there were no injuries, no ambulance and no hospital!
God is soooooooooo good.

Here's a big shout out to Joy, Andrew and Nathan who were so AWESOMELY amazing during the emergency and handled it all with grace and confidence. You guys bless my socks off everyday!


February 13, 2012

Cute quotes from my house

 The other day, Zac and Andrew were rough-housing and somehow ripped a quilt that I made several years ago. I was a little sad because it wasn't ripped on a seam but Andrew said
 'Mom, it isn't a rip, its a memory!" : ) Love him!

Because of a cool, new special effects app for videos made on the iTouch, Joy was heard saying
 "OK, I'm going to go and blow up the house now" and Andrew went to help her. : ) (After you video tape something you can add explosions to it! Way cool!)

"What is the difference between the iced coffee and the iced coffee with milk?" -This was what someone asked Zac the other night at work. (he's a barista at Starbucks) He tried to politely expound on the milk factor but was sort of at a loss for words. lol
Speaking of Zac's job, last week, one of his supervisors said "You are really an excellent barista." And the reason that was such a big deal was it came from a man who apparently never gives out compliments and who is nick-named 'the guy with no soul.' lol  -One of the other employees was so shocked to hear him give a compliment, that she asked the guy if he was high. (Way to go, Zac!)

"No Joy, I cannot loan you my video camera for an entire year in exchange for a box of Reese's Pieces."  She was asking him to sign a written contract. Too cute.

"I am never ever going into debt." This was Nathan after doing his personal finance class work by Dave Ramsey. (I love what that class has taught both our boys!) I said "Good. Only for your house, that is what I believe," to which he said, "Not even then. I'm going to live here until I'm 30." lol  I may need to quote him on that someday, like a year from now. : )

Blessed with some cute teenage 'arrows in my quiver,' (but I know the days are numbered and they will soon be 'shot out' from here to make their mark on the world)

February 8, 2012

I heart my sewing machine

I am SOOOO happy that my sewing machine is now repaired. I've been without it for two years! (boo hoo) Who knew that the problem could be fixed for only $16! I wish I would have had it fixed long ago. Not that I'm all that great at sewing, I really only like to make quilts,which is pretty much just sewing in straight lines, lol but it is relaxing and I enjoy it.

I've made a little place for myself to sew in the little 'alcove' in the living room instead of using the kitchen table. The (ugly) antique sewing table I was given years ago, just fits! (I know a guy who could paint it, but I'm going to pretend that it has a shabby chic look and not bother)

Lots of natural light from the window, the noise of falling water from the fountain in front of the house, and the fact that I'll be seated right in the middle of all the homeschooling action, should make it a great place to sew. I've named it 'my happy place' and I can't wait to get started.

Since the kids are independent learners these days, I don't have too much to do but give some spelling tests and keep them on task. (which can be quite a challenge when the college guy and the 7th grader get to teasing each other and running around the house wrestling!) All of them definitely work better when I am seated in one place and not running around myself doing housework or errands. It is hard for me to sit still sometimes when no one needs me but probably explains why I like to blog, right? I've tried knitting scarves, but I kept having to say "just a minute, I have to finish my row and then I'll help you' lol and that didn't work out too well.

I do plan to quilt but my first project is a missionary project for women in a prison in Zambia. I'll let you know how it goes, once I get started.


February 6, 2012

Patients and more patience

I've gone from two patients around here to THREE!
My hubby's back is still healing. Andrew was awake throwing up all night. (pretty sure that was due to all the Super Bowl munchies) And now, my brother-in-law's back is giving him trouble. He fell backwards back into his chair while trying to stand up during the game, and we are guess that is what did it.

 Anyway, I think I need a vacation, or two or THREE. lol : )


February 4, 2012

The weekend goes awry

We had two parties planned for this weekend....

It was time for our annual celebration of the addition on our house that the Lord and our friend Carlos did in 2005. Always a fun time with lots of food, memories and giving of thanks. And Sunday we were having a Super Bowl party with some friends and yummy food.
But all those plans came to halt when on Friday morning at work, my hubby's back went out. (boo hoo)

That means no parties and two patients for me.

It was slightly amusing to us all when Dad and his brother (who is a stroke patient and living with us for 6 mo.) were hobbling around the house together. (when my hubby wasn't moaning in pain, that is) Then they headed to the van 'like a herd of turtles' so I could take them each to their appointments. lol
Hubby is on the mend. Even though he injured his back, we were happy to find out that it is not really out of alignment, like we thought. THAT means that those back exercises he does faithfully EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. are actually working. Yay! In other good news, the massage therapist reported on some improvements she's seen in my brother-in-law's arm.
So, it will be a quiet weekend with family and food and two thankful guys, hobbling around.