"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

September 16, 2018

When it stings

I have learned to get by on the hard anniversaries and holidays by remembering that they will only sting for about 24 hours and then I'll wake up the next day and it won't be my wedding anniversary or my hubby's birthday or the day he went to be with the Lord anymore.

Friday was one of those days.
It would have been our 27th wedding anniversary. And I'd spent most of the week helping the church prepare to put on a marriage conference for 150 couples which was ironically on my anniversary. So that was a tad bit hard.
I had the day off though and my sweet kids invited me to have coffee with their squad. : )
 Then with Joy's help, we tried to fix the fountain in our front yard because my hubby loved it. He loved to have the window open and hear the water splashing. If I remember right, the fountain stopped working while he was sick.
I tried to make it into a planter last year, but when it rained the plants floated right up and out of it. So, then the next option had to be getting a new motor. Each tier of it weighs a gazillion pounds though and so it was a major miracle to catch enough people at home that could help lift those. At one point we had it all set up and filled with water only to have the new motor not work.
 Long story short, I spent most of my weekend at Home Depot. And there were 4 fountain motors involved and one can of foam sealant. And we are close. Really close.

I'm thankful I have a sweet daughter who reminds me that we can do any project we set our minds to if we don't give up. And honestly, she has this gift for the mechanical, thank goodness, because I sure don't. I mainly just cheer her on and make a million trips to Home Depot.

We may not have a running fountain quite yet, but I made it through a hard day surrounded by lots of love.


September 12, 2018

Wednesdays in the Word

I was so honored to be asked to speak to a small group of amazing young adult girls last weekend and I thought I'd share the bullet points that I shared with them here too.

1. Live your best life now
      Give God your whole heart

2. Be the person you want to find
      Become as awesome as you want that guy to be

3. Live and love the Word of God
       Store it up in your heart now for ready recall in all kinds of situations

4.  The only person you can change is you
        You don't want a guy who is a fixer upper (maybe a house that is) ; )

5. Choose someone who honors God, you and everyone else
         Does he honor servers? Does he honor his parents?

6.  Choose someone whose spiritual life you admire
         He will be the future spiritual leader of your family

7. Be devoted to purity
         You are building the story that you will tell your children someday so don't compromise

Obviously there was a lot more to it and maybe you had to be there! ; )



September 5, 2018

Wednesdays in the Word

I've been asked to share my testimony with a group of young adult women this week so I've been thinking a lot about what my testimony is.

I feel like I could divide my life into 2  testimonies.
But the last one is still being worked out and is so raw and I'm not including it. ; )

It hit me this morning, when reading in Isaiah 43, that my testimony isn't that God miraculously healed my husband of cancer. "

- I WISH that was my testimony!

My testimony is that when you go through horrible things in life,


I know I didn't walk through any of that alone.
His peace was overwhelming and constant!

If you are facing some hard things right now, I hope these verses encourage you. He doesn't ask us to walk alone.

"I have called you by name. You are Mine. When you pass through the waters I WILL BE WITH YOU. 
(notice that it says 'when' and not 'if'. We will all face hard times)
And through the rivers, they will not overflow you.
When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned. Nor shall the flame scorch you.
For I am the Lord your God. The Holy One of Israel, your Savior. 
Fear not, I am with You."


September 2, 2018

Funny footage

This week a friend of mine had a medical procedure, and I didn't want to bother her in case she didn't feel well, but I did want to leave a surprise at her door.
So, I drove over and snuck up to her door and left a little gift on her porch and ran away.
Hours later, I found out that she has footage of it all from her security system and it was hilarious! I look like a criminal running for my life and jumping over bushes! LOL

I post a photo but my computer is not cooperating. Actually, maybe its better this way! LOL

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


August 29, 2018

Wednesdays int the Word

A little encouragement for your day. Make it a good one!

"The Lord is my strength and and my shield. My heart trusted in Him and I am greatly helped!"  Ps. 28:7

" You have hedged me in behind and before, and laid Your hand upon me." Ps. 139:5I

"I will not forget you, see I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands."  Is.49:16  -How great is it to know that God has a tattoo with your name on it on His hands?!

"Your hand shall lead me and Your right hand shall hold me." Ps. 139:10 


August 26, 2018

Playing and painting

So, the bad thing about painting one room in your house,
is that you look around and realize that the rest of your WHOLE house could use re- painting.
So, I may be spending all my days off painting from now until Jesus comes.
But I should be able to move into my new bedroom in the next couple of weeks and I'm excited.

And speaking of days off, last week a friend and I had plans to go to the beach but red tide spoiled those plans. So, we decided to be adventurous and try Weeki Wachi State Park.
It was kind of like going back in time and getting to see an old view of Florida.
We saw a mermaid show that has been happening since the 1950's. Seriously, girls in mermaid suits, were underwater, acting out the play of  The Little Mermaid and mouthing the words! -There were hoses they could grad and breath from whenever they needed to. It takes a lot of skill to be a mermaid, Y'all!
There was a boat ride included with admission and it was a beautiful ride on the  spring which is completely clear and always 74 degrees.  Usually you can see manatees but because the Gulf of Mexico is so warm right now, they are there instead. But if you go in the winter you will see some!
We went to the 'beach' and got in the spring, which was a bit too cold for me. But Joy went down the lazy river in a tube and there was also a gigantic water slide to enjoy. -You know you planned a cool event when your daughter crashes Mom's day out. Yes!

And speaking of crashing things. My BFF crashed my week in the best possible way! She decided on Monday morning to fly to Florida and arrived that night! It was great to see her again. She spent the week helping her son get ready for college and fixing up his new place.

Here's hoping I can get my kids to crash my next painting party!  ; )


August 14, 2018

Wednesdays in the Word

Hey Girls,
We may not feel like we are the whole Proverbs 31 package, I mean who really can be?! And some of those things she did probably don't apply to our society today anyway,
(but maybe I'm in denial -LOL) but these verses are sure worth striving to have said about us!

"She opens her mouth with wisdom and on her tongue is the law of kindness." 

Another version puts it like this: 

"When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say and she always says it kindly."

I love that!