"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

August 30, 2009

BACK to work

My dear hubby hurt his back at work and has had to stay home for the past 3 weeks.
He injured it pretty bad. To sum it up, it was a really awful experience. I've never seen him in that much pain before and I almost shudder just to think back on it. It has been a stressful and scary time.

~But, the chiropractor and the Lord have done wonders for him and he is doing so much better now. We are thankful that he didn't need surgery and that he doesn't have to find a new career. He is actually going back to work tomorrow.

On the good side of this huge trial, we've had a lot of good, bonding, family time together. Crisis' do that, don't they? As we come through this, it's nice to see how things have 'worked together for good.' We've learned the futility of worrying. We've had our faith built in God's provision and we've enjoyed seeing what the Lord is doing in our kids.

Even though he was going through a tremendous amount, both emotionally and physically, my dear hubby found ways to bless all of us during this crazy time. He is one amazing guy. And I'm sure going to miss having him around all day, every day!


August 24, 2009

Good bye, lazy days of summer...

Today was our first day of school!
To celebrate I made monkey bread this morning. -Not exactly the breakfast of champions! ; )

I LOVE new school years! I LOVE new schedules and fresh starts. It's so much fun....
Well, the schedule I made for myself is not really 'so much fun.' It means getting up at 5:30 AM. The thought of me getting up that early made my hubby laugh, but I did it!
(I like to aim high at the beginning of the year. No promises for two weeks from now. lol)

This schedule gives me lots of time to be with the Lord before my kiddos get up and time to answer emails before I have to wait in line for one of our computers. : )
(I am the president of our home school group this year and that equals a lot of emails, I've found out)

Anyway, my new fantastic schedule for my kids somehow had us going jogging for p.e.
pretty much right after consuming the money bread...ugh!
Note to self for next year: monkey bread and jogging are not a good combination!

But all in all, (even though some people felt like they might throw up)
it was a great first day!
I'm really blessed to spend so much of my time with my favorite peeps!

You guys are awesome!


August 19, 2009

Honey, I need another new purse?!

I wrote here about the vindictive activities of our sweet golden retriever, Honey.

Guess what? I recently needed ANOTHER new purse. It is a good thing I don't buy expensive purses...
I think I shop with her in mind now and I always look for something ON SALE. Target, thankfully, had purses on sale the day I was out looking... but they only had really LARGE purses on sale.

~I didn't realize until I got home, that I bought one that is about half my size! lol (My hubby has to try not to laugh when I carry it and sometimes he giggles anyway).

But $7.48 People, I couldn't pass that up! : )
He says that I can carry a 2 liter in it.

-I prefer to say that I can carry a laptop in it. (or two or three) Not that I have a laptop...*hint, hint! The kids call it my "Mongo purse." Well, at least it fits everything! -Even my latest knitting project.

The good thing is, if Honey gets mad and bites the handles of this one in half, I don't think I'll mind too much. In fact it will take a great weight off my shoulders. ; )
And I could use that right about now. ~But for other reasons that don't include a laptop or a 2 liter. lol
But more on that another day...

I can be thankful that she left our VBS t-shirts alone this year!

- See! Looks can be deceiving! She's looks all cute and laid back but if you cross her, she's a purse eating menace. ; )


August 12, 2009

Finally some pictures from St. Louis

The best part of the week was of course hearing teens quote the Word!

Here are some other fun things we did:

We rode a riverboat on the muddy Mississippi

We rode in a pod thingy up to the top of the Gateway Arch

I had fun with one of my favorite guys

This picture of the shadow is one of our favorites

Nate's favorite thing to do in the Arch was to zoom in on people on the ground with his awesome digital optical zoom on his handy cam! ; )

We went to City Museum
which is one amazing place!

Apparently, after seeing the web site, I didn't see the half of it. FUN, FUN, FUN. (someone build one in FL) It was described it as "a Discovery Zone for teens" because it has such fun things to climb on and ball pits and you name it... An everything was made out of recycled materials from around the city.

Back to the quizzing! -Imagine being told to quote Mark 3:18, Mark 5:3 and Mark 16:5 and then being timed to say all those references in 20 seconds. Wouldn't you forget what the second reference was after you quoted the first one? I would! And I it would take me the whole 20 seconds if not more to start to quote the first one. But, there were some kids there who could do it. It was mind blowing!

What a week!

August 6, 2009

A letter to my poor neglected blog...

Dear Blog,

I miss you.
I haven't forgotten that you exist even though it looks that way.
I really miss relaxing with you and writing something about my favorite people.
In fact, I think about writing something on you everyday.
Getting the time to do it, is the issue.
There is certainly plenty to write about but now I don't know where to start.

Let's do lunch soon! ; )