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August 19, 2009

Honey, I need another new purse?!

I wrote here about the vindictive activities of our sweet golden retriever, Honey.

Guess what? I recently needed ANOTHER new purse. It is a good thing I don't buy expensive purses...
I think I shop with her in mind now and I always look for something ON SALE. Target, thankfully, had purses on sale the day I was out looking... but they only had really LARGE purses on sale.

~I didn't realize until I got home, that I bought one that is about half my size! lol (My hubby has to try not to laugh when I carry it and sometimes he giggles anyway).

But $7.48 People, I couldn't pass that up! : )
He says that I can carry a 2 liter in it.

-I prefer to say that I can carry a laptop in it. (or two or three) Not that I have a laptop...*hint, hint! The kids call it my "Mongo purse." Well, at least it fits everything! -Even my latest knitting project.

The good thing is, if Honey gets mad and bites the handles of this one in half, I don't think I'll mind too much. In fact it will take a great weight off my shoulders. ; )
And I could use that right about now. ~But for other reasons that don't include a laptop or a 2 liter. lol
But more on that another day...

I can be thankful that she left our VBS t-shirts alone this year!

- See! Looks can be deceiving! She's looks all cute and laid back but if you cross her, she's a purse eating menace. ; )


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Yvonne said...

What, no pictures of the Mongo Purse? LOL Thanks for the giggles, Becky!