"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 13, 2012

Cute quotes from my house

 The other day, Zac and Andrew were rough-housing and somehow ripped a quilt that I made several years ago. I was a little sad because it wasn't ripped on a seam but Andrew said
 'Mom, it isn't a rip, its a memory!" : ) Love him!

Because of a cool, new special effects app for videos made on the iTouch, Joy was heard saying
 "OK, I'm going to go and blow up the house now" and Andrew went to help her. : ) (After you video tape something you can add explosions to it! Way cool!)

"What is the difference between the iced coffee and the iced coffee with milk?" -This was what someone asked Zac the other night at work. (he's a barista at Starbucks) He tried to politely expound on the milk factor but was sort of at a loss for words. lol
Speaking of Zac's job, last week, one of his supervisors said "You are really an excellent barista." And the reason that was such a big deal was it came from a man who apparently never gives out compliments and who is nick-named 'the guy with no soul.' lol  -One of the other employees was so shocked to hear him give a compliment, that she asked the guy if he was high. (Way to go, Zac!)

"No Joy, I cannot loan you my video camera for an entire year in exchange for a box of Reese's Pieces."  She was asking him to sign a written contract. Too cute.

"I am never ever going into debt." This was Nathan after doing his personal finance class work by Dave Ramsey. (I love what that class has taught both our boys!) I said "Good. Only for your house, that is what I believe," to which he said, "Not even then. I'm going to live here until I'm 30." lol  I may need to quote him on that someday, like a year from now. : )

Blessed with some cute teenage 'arrows in my quiver,' (but I know the days are numbered and they will soon be 'shot out' from here to make their mark on the world)

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