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May 9, 2011

Lots of rosettes!

As I've mentioned, all three of my boys made it to fine arts nationals (insert cheering here)
but the cost per person is $900 since they will be flying to AZ and staying for a week in a hotel.

I spent my Saturday, watching some tutorials and I learned how to make rosette necklaces

which I'm planning to sell to try and help out with those enormous fees. Yay! -We'll see how it goes!

At least my boys will remember that mom tried to help out and didn't just spend the ENTIRE fine arts season complaining about the cost of gas for all those practices! LOL -Or maybe they will only remember my complaining so (enter blog post here) to serve as a reminder! : )

Planning to sell them for $12.00 a piece. Let me know if I can make you one. (add $3.00 for shipping) : )


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