"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 9, 2007

Carlos is at it again

Carlos is an amazing blessing that God has put in our life. He likes doing home improvements at our house instead of his. : )
He says it's his ministry and he loves every minute of it. That just boggles my mind.

He is so excited because tomorrow morning, he is attacking our kitchen. He wanted to know if he could come at 6:00 a.m! He was joking.

So, for the summer, I'll be cooking in the family room. The microwave and the coffee maker are in the laundry room! All of our school books have been put away to make our school area into a 'kitchen' counter. The couches and the instruments have all been squished into the boys' room. Somehow he is going to put the fridge, stove and sink in the family room. And then start bustin' up the place. : )

I almost shudder to think about how turned upside down my life is about to become and I just keep thanking God that the school year is over. In 2005, when we did the addition on our house, we did school with the nail gun blasting away in the next room and the compressor going on and off. It was wasn't easy. It was a great education for Zach though. He helped with just about every exterior aspect of it.
In 2006, we remodeled two bedrooms and a bathroom. I guess, because I know what I am in for I've been a little reserved about the whole thing. And what was going to be a two week project has actually escalated into a 6-8 week project because now my guys want to knock out a wall or two. Oh my!

It's going to be quite an adventure. The end result will be awesome! A larger kitchen, new counter tops and flooring.

It has been reminding me of how we grow in the Lord. Through totally uncomfortable circumstances, He brings about an awesome end result! Part of me didn't want to go on this adventure but it will be so worth it. Just like the things we have to go through in life, to become more like Him.
-who is tired and is sorry if she has made a kitchen remodel sound too preachy or dramatic ; )

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