"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 9, 2007

Blessed with olive plants around a NEW table

Anyone else ever get attached to your furniture?

Our pedestal table was 10 yrs. old and it wobbled pretty bad...but we were all still a little sad to see it go yesterday.

It was especially sentimental to me, because of the money we used to buy it. When I was a baby, my grandmother bought a savings bond for me. I didn't know about it until I was married and it was stolen in the airport when my Dad was coming for a surprise visit. When it was recovered, we bought a table and 6 chairs for the four kiddos we knew we would eventually have.

Now the Lord has blessed our socks off with a new (to us) table! Solid oak! And I don't think it will ever wobble in our lifetime.

Here is a picture of Carlos and Zach carrying it in.

The olive plants are experiencing a wonderful thing called elbow room. And they are lovin' it! It seats 10 with the two leaves in it. This, by the way isn't my kitchen and I don't have a dining room. It's the 'mock up kitchen' until mine is finished and that is a whole other post, if not ten! : )
We have a lot of sweet memories to cherish from our old table...
~our babies growing out of their highchairs and joining us at the 'big' table
~ birthdays ~company we've had over ~youth meetings~ Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners~ lots and lots of school work and unit studies ~Carlos sitting at it with us for all of '05 as he put the addition on our house~Friday night game nights...

My hubby and I have been thinking about the memories we'll make at this table...
It will see three 'daughters in-loves' and one 'son in-love' join it someday for holidays.
(I know, I know, I only have one who is a teen but this is one forever table!)
This morning my hubby told us that he hopes it will see numerous people ministered to at it and even led to Christ...
That would be the best!

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