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June 5, 2007

Seeing red!

Red! Everywhere I look!
Just about every family member looks like a lobster!
We are having a blast with our special friends from TX. They by the way, are a lovely shade of brown now. I guess we only have two colors, white and red! : ) We did use sunscreen but it wasn't enough.

I thought we learned this lesson last year, but I guess we needed a refresher course on why members of this family should never take off their t-shirts at the beach, or they will surely be wincing in pain for days and looking like sun dried tomatoes. No fun at all!

I feel like I've taken up finger painting as a hobby since I've been 'painting' green goopy aloe on everyone constantly. After using three different products for burn relief, I can tell you that the winner is -Hawaiian Tropic Cool Aloe I.C.E. which my sweet neighbor gave us.

It's been great to have A and M and their children here. We had a fun dinner on Sun. night and then drove over to their hotel with them for a cherry pie that we forgot to eat and some nighttime fun on the beach. Monday, the kids and I drove out again for a day of fun at the beach and the pool. I had to leave early. I have a tutoring job on Mondays. (It's a blessed little job that the Lord has dropped into my lap tutoring a seconder grader in reading) Unfortunately, my little friend didn't show up for his tutoring. A and M brought our kiddos back to us that evening and we did more visiting and eating.

Today, two of my guys were so sore and ill we had to postpone our end of the year evaluations. I did get 3 of their portfolios completed which was a great relief! Zach took the Cat -5 this year instead of doing a portfolio. It was his first standardized test! I was pleased with the results. Good job, Zach!

Tomorrow, A and M are taking all the kiddos to see Pirates 3. Our kids are excited. Even the sore ones. Good thing theaters have cushy seats because they can't even lean back yet.
We get to take their sweet kids home with us for church and a sleep over while their parents have a night alone and a dinner cruise.
Great fun! Wish they lived closer!

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toni said...

Yikes! Sunburns are no fun. I love any sunburn aloe product that also contains lidocaine.

Keep slathering 'till the fire's out.