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June 12, 2007

It looks like a bomb exploded in the kitchen

We had bread crumbs in our clean laundry yesterday! That's what happens when your toaster oven has to be relocated to your laundry room. : )

In the midst of the transfer of sink, stove, and fridge to the family room, we did find some time for some summer fun. We played some geography games and 'go fish' with the Impressionist Artists game cards. (minus the really revealing cards which went into the trash) Everybody read for an hour. Joy had a friend over and I tutored the little boy down the street. I love summer!!!

Carlos and Zach finished up the temporary kitchen this evening. For my sake, it was a pizza night! Hooray!

This is what was happening at our house at 10:00 pm last night. Carlos didn't want to quit until he got to do this -knock out the kitchen wall!
At that point, I said "I'm really getting a vision for this." ; ) Because the guys tease me since I just can't visualize these amazing projects they come up with.

Once that wall came down and I could see into the kitchen from the living room, I knew I was going to love it!

It was rather scary to rip apart the house in such a major way. Carlos and my hubby kept rejoicing that the ceiling wasn't caving in because of the beam Carlos built in the attic.... and how it wasn't going to fall in on us during the night... just ya know, scary stuff like that! ugh!

But I know the end result will be spectacular! Everything Carlos works on, turns out to be absolutely gorgeous!!!!

I don't think there will be any time for geography bingo today, since we have this to clean up!



toni said...

Oh my! Home improvements are always so messy, tiring, time consuming,....and then rewarding!
Can't wait to see more.

gr8tful said...

Oh have fun, Becky! I remember all too well. I found some funny wallpaper too, and holes in the walls behind the cabinets. Then there was the army olive green paint. LOL I didn't have a temp kitchen. We microwaved and grilled and washed dishes in the bathtub. You must be so excited! Your kitchen will be beautiful! I'll be praying! ~Yvonne