"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

June 8, 2007

Farewell to our friends

Despite the sunburns and my hubby catching a flu bug, we had a great week together with our dear friends.

We had a great time on Wednesday with their two children who stayed the night while they had their date night. I got a kick out of Andrew telling their dad that his kids were very good and well behaved. : ) Which of course, they were.
I sat at dinner, just amazed that I was eating dinner with A's kids. It reminded me how I used to practically live at his house when I was the kid's ages because his sister was my best friend. Amazingly enough, our dads were good friends and our grandmothers were good friends! Now, our children our are! It's really precious.

On Friday, our boys had had enough sun, so they talked their daughter into hanging out with them at our house. Joy was up for more fun in the sun, so she spent the day with their son and had a blast at the beach and pool.

Since we all used to live in Southern California, Mexican food is our favorite thing in the world beside Jesus!!! : )
Mexican food in FL and TX doesn't even compare, but we have found some place close...
On our last night together, we had a little fiesta in their hotel room.

Here are all our kiddos after dinner:

Then we headed to Clearwater beach. I hadn't been to Pier 60 in ages. There were all types down there. One guy had a sign asking for money because he is an alien. (as in the space kind and not from a foreign country) We saw a guy dressed like Jack Sparrow (from Pirates) and we watched a street performer juggle an ax, a sickle and a machete and then spit fire. (wild things you don't want you kids to try at home) The sunset was gorgeous and we spotted several dolphins.
Here is M and I on the pier.

Our sunburned kiddos had great fun playing in the water at night! It was gorgeous.

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