"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 3, 2007

Purity or pirates?!

Since we have one teen, one preteen, one 'tween' and a seven year old, I thought we might be ready for this teen and parent devotional book called Lifetraining for evening devotionals.
I think I was wrong. : )
The devo. last night was about how we, like the Wise Men can give gifts to Jesus. It mentioned that we could give our bodies as a gift to the Lord through purity. I expounded on that a little by saying that the kids could do that 'by saving their body for their future mates.'
Well, Andrew (who is seven) piped up and said
"we wouldn't have to actually use our body because we could use a life boat to save our mate instead."

And so.... I think we'll try something else. ; ) I'm glad.
(maybe Little Pilgrim's Progress)

(originally posted on 3/3/07)


gr8tful4grace said...

LOL! You guys are such a blessing! I needed a giggle. : ) ~Yvonne

I'm Toni. said...

ROFLOL!!! Oh, I just want to hug him up. That is hilarious, Becky.