"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 22, 2007

Goofy dog stories

This is our dog Honey. We call her our whimpy house dog. And some day I should do a post about her because she is very loved, spoiled, insecure, hyper and retaliatory but really SWEET. : )
Our neighbor's dog, Scooby is a gorgeous German Shepherd. Honey and Scooby act like arch enemies and have these barking fests out at the fence.
Well, Scooby was having problems with her skin and our neighbors shaved her. (it's also a lot cooler for her) It was the funniest thing! Scooby would not come when called or whistled to after this hair cut she had.
She hid behind her owners legs and avoided Honey who barked at her and challenged her to a territorial barking fest. Scooby was totally embarrassed about her new 'do.
Who would have thought dogs could get embarrassed about their looks?!
(she isn't as pretty shaved but who would've guessed that SHE could know that!) We all had a big laugh over it. And eventually, Scooby came around and she and Honey stared each other down. (Honey's tail was wagging the whole time and Scooby's was not)
I guess you don't want to encounter your arch enemy on a bad hair day!
And speaking of dogs, I found out that I bath mine too much. Now, I have to wait 3 weeks. (gag)
We also have to use oatmeal soap which doesn't wash away Advantix. If you can't stand the dirty dog scent, you can buy a type of dog perfume that will make her smell like chocolate mint. When the vet's assistant mentioned that, I think I lost my appetite! ; )
On my next visit for a doggie manicure, (which I cannot do myself because I made her yelp once and have given up forever!) the woman next to me had a really cute pink stroller. Forever a baby lover, I had to take a peek. Two little dogs were in it. I inquired and yes, this was indeed a dog stroller! (it was a little smaller than usual) This woman told Joy and I all about how she takes her dogs to the grocery store, on walks and on vacation etc... in their stroller. They love it. I kept wanting to bring up the subject of EXERCISE for the dogs, but that would not have been polite. ; )
So, I just 'oohhed and ahhed' over how cute these tiny dogs were in their dog stroller. (what is the world coming to? !)
I am not really one to talk about exercise right now. The kids and I and Honey were all jogging two or three miles a week last year. But, I'm wimpy and didn't want to go out in the cold so I haven't done it since Christmas. (terrible!) And I live where our cold isn't even really cold, so I better hit the pavement soon or I'll be saying it's too hot to exercise!
I found out how a Great Dane gets exercise yesterday. He runs along side of a van, while his owner has his arm hanging out the window holding the leash and slowly driving around a parking lot. It was a riot. I wish I had my camera. It looked like he was walking/driving a pony! Now where is the EXERCISE for the dog owner, I wonder. Of course, I didn't ask because that would not have been polite. ; )
(and who am I to talk about exercise anyway!?)


gr8tful4grace said...

Too cute! Where do you get your doggy's manicure? We have the same problem with both Jen and Liz. ~Yvonne

Becky said...

We take her to Petsmart. It's about $7.00. It was such a horrific yelp that she let out that day, that I threw my clippers away for good. Poor thing.

JennaG said...

That is a funny story. I have never heard of a dog behaving that way. Maybe she felt vulnerable and exposed! ;)

Lori said...

My Bear did the same thing once when I gave him a bad haircut. He ignored me for days and he is generally a Momma's Boy! He has been groomed tons of times in his 12 years, but when he gets a bad 'do, he knows it.

Becky said...

That is amazing, Lori. How do they know!?! : )