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March 12, 2007

The fun of shoe sharing

First of all, I have to say that it is just amazing that Joy and I wear the same shoe size now! (my hubby calls it 'efficient') She is only ten! I thought I had years to wait before this happened.
She has borrowed a few pairs of my shoes on several occasions. I haven't actually borrowed hers yet, but there is a pair that I have my eye on! It's her Heelies! (She received them for her birthday in November) I remind myself on occasions, not to covet my daughter's shoes. ; )
If I wore those at the grocery store, and everyone stayed out of my way, (because that would be a must!) then I would have our shopping done in no time flat! The way she zips through the isles at Super Wal Mart makes me and just about every other lady jealous. I know that because they say out loud how much they wish they had a pair. And what beat all, was playing tennis with her while she was wearing them. I was (huffing and puffing) chasing balls and she was gliding across the court with ease. It was too funny.
Now, what was not too amusing is the fact almost half the boys in our Royal Ranger class (grades K-2) received Heelies for Christmas!!! If I thought managing 35 boys was hard, try it when they are on wheels! Not being too coordinated at this age, they fall - a lot!
I'm sure that Joy would let me borrow her Heelies but I have a feeling that I might end up taking a spill like the boys in my class. And that I might not jump right back up and be perfectly fine like they always are. : )


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