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March 31, 2007

Game night

On Friday nights, Carlos (my hubby's best friend) comes over for dinner and we have a family game night. Our favorite games are Apples to Apples, Uno or Spoons. Friday we decided to play this. It was a prize sent to me by the sweet ladies over at 5 minutes for mom.

And since a 'merry heart doeth good like a medicine,' I think we'll all be quite healthy for some time!!! It was one big laugh fest. (that usually happens when Carlos comes over no matter what we are doing)
First I have to tell you a little about how it's played. You have a partner and you are given a card with two words on it that rhyme. You give your partner clues about the word like "If it is not near than it is___ " (far) and if they get it, you move on to the next word which rhymes with it. Like "make a wish on a falling ___" (star) Then they say "far, star" (in that order) and you move on to another set of words before your time is up. (Saying "it starts with 'f' and rhymes with star' is against the rules)
OK, So, being on the same team as your mate, may be a cause for marriage counseling!
ha ha (doesn't my hubby look rather frustrated with me in that picture?)
But, if your wife tries to get you to say 'another name for dog' (hound) and then 'where you take your dog if you don't want it anymore' and you say "the Humane Society" (and forget that whole rhyming thing) Well, then your buddy will tease you mercilessly all night long!!!! ; )

But, if said buddy, who is a single man with no children, is paired up with your wonderful 10 year old and your smart little 7 yr. old and made to describe 'vagrant' well, then he just might be suicidal. (as he joked)
And if you are that 7 yr. old and that 10 yr. old and you are watching this usually really fun man's eyes bugging out and his voice is getting louder because you don't know that the wall is made of 'plaster' and that a 'slave's boss' is a 'master' (and not a 'chief') then you might need therapy after the game!!! ha ha (see the above picture for the serious side of Carlos -it was too too funny!)
Oh my goodness! I'm curious to see if anyone ever wants to play this game again.
Now, if you are that married couple, and finally get into the groove of things, you will absolutely blow everybody away because after almost 16 years of marriage you can finish each others sentences anyway and so of course, you know what the other person is practically thinking. Then you'll be declared 'no fun to watch anymore' which will totally make up for the 'hound -Humane Society' joke that made everyone roll on the floor laughing the entire evening!


JennaG said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. How nice that you won that game and it was so fun to play. I am wanting to do that soon. Have a good weekend.

toni (in the midst of this season) said...

You all had waaaay too much fun (Is there even such a thing?)

It reminds me of when we played Outburst Jr. with our littles and they were to guess Sesame Street characters. The only two they could come up with were Big DUCK and Trashy (Oscar). No amount of hints or prodding produced a correct answer (then again, we don't watch the show).

Mandalyn said...

That sounds like so much fun! Thanks for telling us about the game. I had never heard of it before!

JennaG said...

Most definitely. I subscribed to your feed quite a while back, but I am not so good about updating my sidebar. I think I have subscribed to over 60 feeds!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

How fun!!! It sounds like the game was a huge hit!