"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 4, 2007

District Finals in JBQ Saturday!

We attended the Junior Bible Quiz District meet for our state.
(around 250 kids were in it) For this match, the teams are divided into Flights with the best teams being in Flight 1 and so on down to Flight 11. Your flight is determined by how many games you won this year and then you play other teams from the state that ranked the same way.
What an exciting day!

Great job, Andrew!!!
I didn't get to watch Andrew and Joy's team but my hubby said that Andrew "carried them to an almost undefeated title." They lost only one match. They were in Flight 8. They came in second place!
He loves JBQ. He is so determined and plays with such enthusiasm. He started out the year, really wanting to get a positive quiz out and I told him that it was his first year and that he probably wouldn't this year but that he probably would next year. (what a dumb thing to say!) Did I ever underestimate my little guy! He had three positive quiz outs this year and had two more today! Amazing!!! Hurray!!!

Awesome job, Joy!!!
This is Joy's third year and she loves it! She had several positive quiz outs this year and had one today. I am amazed at how many questions she knows and how many verses she has memorized. I'll never forget her very first match when she was the newest player on her team and she buzzed in before anyone else and answered her first question correctly. The audience isn't allowed to talk unless there is a time out or we could get our team fouled, so several ladies looked over at me and raised their eyebrows. : ) I think they thought she would be shy like her mom, but no way! She loves the competition. She is the picture of grace and never gets ruffled or discouraged. She's confident and takes it all in stride. (by the way, I absolutely could never have done JBQ as a child! Way too shy!!!)
Here's what I love about Joy being in JBQ. She has taken these scriptures she's learned and made them a part of her life. When she has a nightmare, she either sings worship songs or she goes to war with her verses! She had one recently and crawled in bed with me. I was half asleep so I don't know what the references were that she was quoting but I heard her quote three verses and then tell the devil that he couldn't give her anymore nightmares because she "belongs to Jesus and He is the Way the Truth and the Life and the Good Shepherd and the Door and the True Vine and the Bread of Life!" (this is the answer to "give 5 of Jesus' I am sayings from the book of John") And then all I heard was deep breathing, and I rolled over and thanked God for maybe the hundredth time for JBQ!

What a way to go out, Nathan!!!
Since Nathan is in the 6th grade, this is his last year and this was his last match! He and I were both a little chocked up after the final round because it's the end of an era. (and we are the sentimental type!) JBQ has been an awesome part of his life. It's been so exciting. The Lord's blessed his efforts at this, that is for sure. It's been a great confidence builder and he has a wonderful coach that he loves. His coach has told us many times what a pleasure it has been for him to coach Nathan and what a gentleman Nathan is. Ohhh, does that ever bless me!!!

Nathan's team was in Flight 4. They came in third place. The shocking highlight for all of us, was that when they were listing off the high scorers for the day in Flight 4 they said "And first place for highest score in Flight 4 goes to Nathan ______." We were floored! I jumped up and grabbed my camera and made my way down to the front to snap this picture. The cute thing was that Nathan hadn't really been paying attention at that point (it was long ceremony) and he was so surprised that he asked his coach twice, if this blue ribbon was really for first place. : )

We also want to thank Zachary for officiating! You are great under pressure! I could never multi-task like you do! He was the time keeper and the judge for one of the rooms!

Congratulations Olive Plants!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for 'hiding God's word in your hearts that you might not sin against Him.' It will not 'return void!'


Karolee said...

Stopping by from the party to say 'hi'. Our kids used to participate in Awana and had a great time at quizzing contests. We have recently moved and (sniff, sniff) no Awana nearby. They keep working in their books, though.

JennaG said...

Congratulations to your children on their JBQ accomplishments this year. I think JBQ is one of the best ways to keep parents accountable for their children's Bible learning. I have been studying JBQ with my children for 9 years total now! We are busy studying for regionals which will take place in our region the end of April. My oldest went through JBQ and just finished her third year of TBQ. My youngest are finishing 4th grade and their 4th year in JBQ! We are blessed to be part of this program!

Becky said...

9 years of JBQ, Jeanna, that's awesome! It's nice to 'meet' someone who appreciates it as much as I do. What a gift from God it is! My hubby and I are going to try coaching next year. Any pointers?