"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 29, 2007

I'm excited about homeschooling high school now!

I had a 'homeschooling high school' luncheon today.
(~And since I didn't want to spend one more second in my kitchen after the bake sale, I cheated and bought a Greek salad and cheese garlic bread from a local restaurant) One of my friends volunteered to share how to home school high school with me. What a blessing!!! I also invited my neighbor to come, who is considering homeschooling for the first time. (at the high school level)

My great new friend is very 'type A' and thorough. She was the perfect person to explain all of this. She'd even talked to the directors of this and that to make sure her info. was correct. She has done extensive research on all the requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship offered in our state. The Bright Futures requirements remind me of a game with a dozen rules, but if you learn to play by the rules, you can win BIG! Imagine having 100% of your college tuition paid for or even 75%! What a blessing that would be! And so, those requirements are going to be my goals. (amazing how much better you feel having a goal and knowing what it is!)

I do love the homeschooling journey. Someday I will post about how much it means to me and what a blessing it's been to my life. It is truly "The hardest job you will ever love." : )

Praying over curriculum choices and attending the convention, will be next on my agenda. (I haven't been to the convention since Zachary started kindergarten! I'm sure I'll be blown away!) Our evaluations will be in June this year. I felt the need to extend our school year. LIFE seems to interrupt school a bit too often lately.

I do think Teaching Textbooks will be the way to go for math, all the way through high school. Zach likes it and I haven't had to do anything since he started it. How cool is that?! Especially since I was a source of confusion for him a good bit of the time. It is not my thing.

What a blessing to be excited about the ninth grade! Thank you Lord! : )



I'm Toni. said...

Rats! I sure wish I could have sat in on that visit with your friend. Okay, so my oldest is only in 2nd grade at the moment. Still, highschool jitters can come at any time. What a blessing to have her shed some light on it.

gr8tful4grace said...

I'm so glad for you Becky! ~Yvonne

JennaG said...

We are homeschooling higschool this year for the first time. It has gone very well. We chose to use Bob Jones dvd's this year. She is going off to private school next year though. She really wants to play basketball.