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March 23, 2007

Pow Wow and cleanliness?!

It's Pow Wow weekend and the calm after the packing storm!
This is the yearly weekend camping event for the Royal Rangers.

The Discovery, Adventure and Expedition Rangers stay Thursday night through Sunday afternoon. Saturday afternoon is Pow Wow Field day, where all the Ranger Kids (that's our class of K-2nd graders) come for the day to play the games. This is a huge event and has about 3500 kiddos attending.

So, Nathan and Zach left last night after a whirlwind day of shopping and packing...

Tomorrow, my hubby and I take our class up there on the bus, for a fun day which is equivalent to little boy heaven on earth! (go carts, snow cones, obstacle courses, a trading post, jump house, zip line over a river, train ride, b-b guns, games and more games) Then, he usually stays part of the weekend up there with our older boys and I come back with our class.

This year, we planned ahead and invited a girlfriend of Joy's. Joy always has a great time but it is hard to be the only girl. We had several discussions about which girl to invite. It had to be one with brothers, we decided. Some of the girls we know who don't have any, act like boys are gross beings from another planet or something. ; ) So, we asked a homeschool friend of hers who happens to have 4 brothers! I don't think she's going to bat an eye about riding on a bus with boys. Plus, she's heard how fun it is from her brothers who usually go.
I had grand ideas about getting the girls green t-shirts that would match the Rangers and then ironing on letters (do people still do that?) that spelled out Ranger Sister.Wouldn't that be cute? But, kelly green must not be 'in' because I couldn't find t-shirts that color and after two stores, I gave up. So, I settled for matching pink shirts (no letters) and they are going as twins, wearing those and jean shorts. (can you tell I'm a Missionette- want -to -be who is trapped in Rangers?! ha ha)

As I was helping Zach and Nathan pack, they 'fessed up about something shocking. ; )
They said they were the only ones in our outpost, last year who didn't shower the whole weekend. AHHHHHHH!!! You see, they had convinced me that they didn't need to bring any towels and so I didn't pack any. When everyone was made to shower, our boys said they couldn't because they didn't have towels! AHHHHHHH!
Yesterday, I was trying to cram towels into their bag when Zach said, "Jeez, Mom, we don't need 4 towels! But, I am glad that I have a mom who cares." (sweet)

Speaking of showering, Andrew asked me to time him when he took a bath last night. He was in and out in about 2 minutes and promised he'd washed his hair. He actually put the shampoo on his dry head he said, and then rinsed it off. He didn't look wet anywhere else when he came out of the bathroom and had a blank stare when I asked if he'd used soap on his body.
My hubby and I got a laugh out of this because we are his Ranger commanders and we know he's been working on the 'clean body merit' and well.... I think he needs to work on it a little longer. ; )




LOL! Too funny on the 'clean body merit.' Boys will definitely be boys after all. Enjoy your big weekend. Sounds like sooo much fun.

JennaG said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Have fun!