"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 19, 2007

Missions fair

The missions fair was so much fun.
Each room was a different country that night. Inside each room, we met missionaries to that country which are supported by our church. We were given 'passports' that we had stamped before we entered each country.

In 'Belgium' we had coffee and cookies. My boys said the coffee was GREAT. (I'm not a coffee drinker, so I didn't have any) Zach said he was up for visiting at least 10 more countries after drinking it. ; ) (I guess it was strong) They did a precious skit about bringing people on short terms mission trips to help construct church buildings which helps young churches to have a good start. It made me want to go! Zach would be great at something like that.

In 'Lithuania' we learned some phrases of the language through the immersion method. : ) We all caught on eventually and were introducing ourselves to each other in the language. Well, this was too funny! To say 'thank you' is basically to make the sound of a sneeze. It is 'A-choo' (not the same spelling of course but that's the sound) So, we all left the room 'a-choo'ing this couple for the nice time we had. : ) And what is even funnier, is the way you say 'until we see each other again.' Which is 'Icky.' Picture leaving a friend's house and yelling "Icky!" (not something I'm going to try in the US!)

We were yelled at by some thugs in 'Cuba'. We looked at a gorgeous scrap book of a person from our church who'd been on the mission trip to Cuba last year. Joy was especially interested in a cute photo of a pig. Who unfortunately was later pictured on a spit and not looking cute anymore. (icky! -in English) This dinner happened to have made this woman on the trip ill.

In 'Dominica' we met a precious family. Their children gave us a puppet show and we all learned a new song. This isn't one of the islands that the cruise ships stop at. But you can pay $70 a night to stay in shack with no electricity and no running water...(icky!-in English) And people actually do. After the 6th grade you have to pay to go to school so many children don't go. They sit on the sidewalk smoking pot and playing dominoes. Sad!

In 'Africa' we learned that many of the people are fleeing to Europe and are living in Vienna, Austria. I thought that was amazing. We also suspect that Nathan is allergic to shrimp after trying the food.

In each country/room, we were given a prayer card which looked like a really nice business card and had their picture, their name and the country they minister in. This is so great to have! I've glued them to a small poster board and we can pray for them during our devotionals. We feel like we really know them now and know at least a little bit about how we can pray for them. : )


I'm off to help Joy light a tea bag on fire. ; )

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Lori said...

What a wonderful and creative way to make missionaries and their work more real to us!