"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

March 16, 2007

How relationships are like tea bags

A missionary to Africa shared this object lesson with us:

She held a tea bag and showed us the tag at the end of the string and said that many people will try and label us but God never does. Then she tore it off.

She held up the string on the tea bag and told us that a lot of times relationships have strings attached but one with God doesn't. She tore off the string.

She said that because of our sin, our hearts are dark like the grains in the tea bag. She opened it up and poured out the tea.

She said that God wants to make our hearts pure and clean and she showed us how white the empty tea bag was.

She set the tea bag up on the table. (It was now opened on both sides and looked like a cylinder)
She said that Jesus died for us so that we can one day go UP and live with Him in Heaven forever.
She lit the top of the tea bag on fire with a lighter. The tea bag/ash floated straight up to the ceiling!!! (It looked really neat!) "That is how relationships are like tea bags."

My kids can't wait to try burning tea bags at home...uh oh! ; )


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JennaG said...

I love illustrated devotions like that and children really get a lot out of them.