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February 23, 2007

New Idol fanatics and our precious remote

We aren't big TV watchers around here.

Last year the show we watched was American Inventor. Anyone see that? We loved it. It was so much fun! (and educational) Our continuous favorite is Extreme Home Makeover. We love that! But since we go to church on Sunday nights, we miss all but the end. I don't have to even know why the people are getting blessed, I always cry during the last 10 min. of every episode. : )

Now our show is American Idol! By chance we saw the finale last year when Taylor Hicks won and so the kids really wanted to give it a try this season. It's been a lot of fun and we are totally hooked. (The tryouts were so funny. You wonder who told these people they could sing!)

One thing that is an absolute necessity at our house when we do watch it, is a remote! We always assign someone to Righteous Remote Duty. Whenever inappropriate commercials come on (-which is just about every other one, good grief!) Then the person on RRD switches to PBS as fast as they can. Then we find out what bats eat or watch people observing gorillas or something rather dull and safe like that until its time to switch back to our show or there's a decent commercial on. It's a lot of pressure being the RRD guy because sometimes Mom freaks out if we aren't switched over to PBS soon enough. ; )

You would not believe how many remotes we have lost. Do they sell them in bulk at Sam's Club? It makes you wonder if they crawl away or something. If anyone did see American Inventor than you might remember the 'remote leash.' It looked like an ugly guitar strap attached to a remote. It didn't get too far in the competition but I'm telling you, this family needs one. I even bought us a spare and we lost that too! The new rule this week was, no Idol unless we find the remote. Well, the lost was found. Yahoo!
We had a great time seeing which two guys and which two girls were going to be sent home ......and discussing crocodiles that get to be over 22 feet long! : )



Liza's Eyeview said...

I glad to know we're not the only one who loses the remote. I should let my husband read this one :)

BY THE WAY, I'm going to re-post in my blog your "CUTE COMMENTS FROM TEH OLIVE PLANTS". I am going to put a link back to here but I reaaly really love to put those cute words in my blog. I hope you don't mind. Love them!

Rena said...

I love the idea of Righteous Remote Duty! I'll have to remember that when my daughter gets a little bigger.

小小彬 said...
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