"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 17, 2007

More blood and another set of STITCHES in the same week!

Believe it or not, another one of my kids needed stitches this week. Am I setting a world record yet?

It was all my fault. I was throwing some food in the crock pot for dinner, because we were about to go on a field trip, then to a science fair and then have company for dinner.
I took the kitchen trash bag out of the can and tied it up and set it by the front door making a mental note to myself that I needed to be the one to take it out to the can. It contained a broken plate and it might cut Andrew who takes out the trash at our house.
After I went back to cooking, we all hear Nathan screaming in pain.
He had come around the corner (probably at high speeds, because he is blessed with EXTRA energy) and grazed the bag and it sliced his foot terribly. Unfortunately, my hubby wasn't home to help me this time. (see this post) This cut was on the top of his foot and about two inches long and 5 mm deep.

Here's what I have learned this week:

-A good (restocked) first aid kit is a must!

-Giving birth naturally, (four times) does not give me extra brownie points when it comes courage at the sight of blood, which is really too bad. I went weak in the knees!

-Trash bags with broken glass need to go immediately to the trash can outside!!!!!!

-Everyone loves TLC and compassion even if they aren't injured and they deserve it because they are so loved. ; )
Thankfully, this didn't happen after hours, because I think I would've been WAY too embarrassed to be seen in that office again for another cut that needed stitches twice in the same week! We were able to go to our regular doctor. I love, love, love our doctor's office. Ninety percent of the people who work in the office are Christians and it is a really nice atmosphere.
Nathan's cut was something to behold and so he had his own little crowd of doctors and nurses around him to see it. He is Mr. Personality, if I haven't mentioned that before, and enjoyed showing it to them.
He didn't enjoy the shots to make the area numb before the stitches! I found out that my 12 yr. old still wanted a hand to hold, actually to SQUEEZE -during the pain. (unlike my big 14 yr. old) That was fun for this mom.
Nathan watched the process and was very impressed. He told the doctor "You've got skills!"(that's a line from Napoleon Dynamite and we are big fans of that movie!)
As she explained the procedure to me, I just nodded in agreement hoping that my kids would not mention that I had already been through this before 5 days ago. (just because that whole knife throwing thing is a little hard to explain) The kids did tell her, but thankfully she didn't ask how that accident happened and she remarked that we must be a rather klutzy family, which was OK by me. ; )

After this event, I had to go and help judge our home school group's science fair. I tried to get out of it because I was still so flustered but the ladies had already left for the fair and I couldn't get a hold of them. When we got there, I settled my limping boys into chairs and went to help. It was SO much fun. Those cute kids and their projects were so awesome! I really enjoyed hearing about their experiments and encouraging them by telling them what a great job they'd done.

Here is my science project for the week:

Question: Is it possible for any other members of this family to need stitches this week?

My Hypothesis:
No, I do not think anyone else will need them. (PLEASE LORD!)

My Data:
Zach- 5 huge stitches on Sunday
Nathan- 6 huge stitches on Friday

I will let you know the Conclusion of this project next week. ; )
I hope my hypothesis is proved right!

We are really big Switchfoot fans around here, so I wanted to take a picture of their feet and call it something like "Stitchfoot." But, my kids think that's 'lame' and my hubby is sure you don't want to see a picture of their stitches! : )



gr8tful4grace said...

Hey Becky, what a week you've had! If you want to send me pictures of the boys stitches, Andrew will make your a Stitchfoot Blinkie. LOL I think it's a fabulous idea! ~Yvonne

Becky said...

Oh how fun! Thanks a bunch! I will send it to you soon. Thank Andrew for me! : )