"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 15, 2007

*my blog defining day*

Today I was really far from being the ideal mom. I have lots of those days. I've just decided that you aren't going to have to read about them here. ; )
The Lord used today to help me to define what I want this blog to be like. First I have to say, that this family has it's share of 'stuff' and I hope you never think we don't. I also hope that you don't think from reading it that I'm trying to portray us as having it 'all together' all the time. We certainly don't and if we do at all, it's only by the grace of God. I've decided I just want to focus on what is good, lovely, admirable and praiseworthy. So, here is what I hope this blog will contain in the future:

~Our fun family memories, stories, cute sayings....because for goodness sake, I am at least 8 yrs. behind on my scrap books. : ) I hope these posts will be fun to read.

~I'll keep doing my 'Wednesdays in the Word' posts, in which I share something from my favorite book of all time, the Bible. Usually what I share here is something I have already shared with my kids or am about to.

~A new set of posts entitled 'His Faithfulness.' These will be posts that will share the minor and the miraculous things God is or has done in our lives. They may be trivial or monumental but whatever the case they will focus on Him and His power at work today. (I will post some of my favorite 'biggies' from the past as well)

And by the way, I think blogging is a blast! What a fun hobby this has turned out to be! My teen thinks I've turned into a 'techno-woman.' (I'll take that as a compliment)
I'm really entering the 21st century this week since my mom gave me a Tracfone. ha ha
I told my dad I just need an ipod and I'll be all caught up. (I know I'd have to have a better phone to be like really caught up) The only place I could listen to an ipod uninterrupted would be the bathtub and I don't think that would work out too well. : )

I have a question. Can blogs play music? If they can then I've got a theme song and I'd want a button that you could push to hear it. (Chris Tomlin's song "King of Glory") Anyone know if that is possible? I can't even LINK yet, so if that was possible I'd still be out of luck! Now if I had an ipod I would absolutely have to have this song on it: "Change" by Phil Joel. It is my newest favorite!!!! You've got to hear it! When he sings "J-E-S-U-S" you just want to worship!

Anyway, I got way off topic here. I really hope that
Blessed with olive plants around my table will be a blessing to anyone in the blogosphere who happens to drop by. I hope that it "Declares His loving kindness in the morning and His faithfulness at night." (Psalm 92)


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gr8tful4grace said...

I love your blog, Becky. You're doing a great job. It IS fun, isn't it? ~Yvonne