"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 5, 2007

More on football?!

Lest, I sound like a football fan, I better clarify that
I'm not. I'm just outnumbered by males! : )

Last night, the 'mom' in me wanted them to postpone the game, get those referees raincoats and pray that no one would get sick!

Here's what I have learned about football: it's all about the food!

My hubby told me his perfect Super Bowl meal plan weeks ahead of time because -it's all about the food!

Most of the season, I worked on a quilt while they watched football. Once in awhile, Joy and I would make them some fun football snacks because -it's all about the food!

I got a big kick out of one of our sons last night. He is our biggest football fan and nothing happens on that field that he doesn't completely understand. (which amazes me!)
Well, we were only 10 min. into the game when he said:

"Hey! When are the women going to start cooking!?!"

It's all about the food, I tell you. ; )

(and someday I better warn his future wife about this)


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