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February 3, 2007

Eating Egypt

Our history assignment (in Mystery of History vol.1)
was to make a cake map! (vanilla box cake with vanilla frosting)

This was to wrap up our study of Ancient Egypt. (do you hear my kids clapping in the background? They are tired of all things pertaining to Egypt and are ready to move on)
Here's what we did:

-We typed out the names of the cities and bodies of water on the computer and printed them out.
-We cut and taped them each to a toothpick
-We practiced our locations first on blank outline maps while the cake was cooling
-After frosting it, we added blue sprinkles for the bodies of water (I was out of food coloring)
-Everyone helped stick the toothpicks in their proper location
Voila, eatable Egypt!I don't think any of us will ever forget what Egypt looks like after this! The kids thought the best part, of course, was eating Egypt.
I was beginning to think that we should eat every country we study! But, it just hit me, not all countries are rectangular in shape and well, that could be a problem... : )


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