"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 4, 2007

Football and more football

My guys cannot wait to watch the Super Bowl tonight!!!!!!!! (GO COLTS!)

On Friday nights, Carlos (see post: our amazing friend) comes over and it is Game Night around here. This Friday night we had a movie night instead and we watched Facing the Giants. (I loved it. I think I cried 4 times!)

These are my favorite quotes from the movie that apply to all areas of life. (not just football)

"For the rest of your life I want you to remember that you held nothing back. You did not quit."

"Tell me what's impossible when God's on your side?"

"Leave everything out on the field."

"Stay sharp, stay focused, play hard and honor God."

"Your job is to do your best and leave the rest up to God."

"As long as we honor God, nothing is impossible. Honor God. Give it your all. Whether we win or not we'll give Him the glory."

"If you walk around defeated, so will they."

"Attitudes are like the aroma of your heart."

"God can do whatever He wants to, however He wants to and He chooses to work through us..."

"Don't leave this field having done less than your best."

If you haven't seen it, you'll enjoy it. (some of the acting is a little weak, but it's still a great movie!)


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