"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

February 8, 2007

Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart

I am amazed!

Saturday, the kids prayed for something that seemed highly unlikely and in the natural, pretty much financially impossible.

On Monday, we got an email from a friend (who didn't know about our discussions lately or that prayer) offering to make that prayer a reality for a fraction of the cost!

God blows my mind sometimes. The way He takes care of His children is really something! : )

"with God all things are possible." Mt. 19:26

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raema said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I also really enjoyed yours. I love how he answers prayers, especially when the little ones are asking. When Deanna and I are praying and she wants me to pray I always tell her that he especially loves to hear her prayers.