"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 24, 2007

The weekend

Today is actually the real date of the bowling party. ; )

Tonight the teens from church are having an end of the school year party with a Christian concert, laser tag and lots of food.

Tomorrow is the Home School Convention for our state. I haven't been since Zach started Kindergarten. I was a nervous wreck! : ) Now, for phase 2 of this homeschooling journey, Zachary and I are heading over there to spend the day together to get the scoop on high school!

Saturday, it is Joy's turn to go camping with Daddy! Every 8 weeks or so, he takes one of our kids camping for some one on one time with him. This is part of his STRATEGY. They just about go no matter what the weather is like. Joy is blessed. This is great camping weather. It was pretty cold in Feb. when Roo went but of course he didn't mind in the least. They love it and look forward to it for months. It's a Mennonite campground on a lake and they have canoes, a game room, tree house, playground, human Foosball, 4 square, and a pool. Lots of fun!!!!

Sunday, is church of course, and the awards for Junior Bible Quiz. Nathan is going to give a little speech about what JBQ has meant to him. yay!

Not sure what Memorial Day holds, maybe a NAP! ha ha

Have a blessed holiday weekend!


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