"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 8, 2007

The weekend

Boy, did we pack a lot into it! It was a great time and a lot of fun having Phil here.

On Friday we picked up Carlos and went and had authentic Cuban sandwiches which were awesome! I haven't had one like that in years. Yum!!!

We headed to a near by park where we had some fun, saw some alligators and the guys shot their air soft guns. (at each other and not the gators)

When my hubby came home from work, he, Phil, Zach and Nathan headed to the Royal Ranger grounds for the black powder rifle course. All of them passed the test even though they only had 4 hrs. of sleep. (Nathan was one of the youngest guys there) The boys came home with a very healthy fear of guns so it must have been a great course. Uncle Phil is giving us his black powder rifle and they are very excited! Here is my hubby (in orange) shooting:

Saturday night, we had Carlos over for dinner and then the guys kept their cigar smoking tradition. ICK!!! (my hubby and his brothers smoke one whenever they get together which is once and sometimes twice a year, so I guess I can't complain) : )

Sunday after church, the guys headed to Carlos' to change a water pump in our truck. They taught Zach to do it! What a great memory for him, surrounded by his dad, his almost uncle and his real one, working on a car! Did I mention it was one testosterone loaded weekend?!

Then we took Phil to our favorite beach to see the sunset. Of course, we can never pass up a chance to play in the water either. My hubby actually enjoyed it and wants to go again soon. Stop the press! ; )

It was a gorgeous evening. Phil enjoyed watching the wind surfers. Then a storm rolled in and we raced to the car to head home and have pizza.

Phil left yesterday morning! Life is back to normal now. I have an exciting praise report to share tomorrow! Now, I have school to finish, tile to go look at, a library trip to make and a book sale to go to tonight. (Besides getting giddy about annuals and loving the beach, I get all excited about used curriculum fairs!) : )



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