"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 25, 2007

The convention and what school will look like around here next year

It was rather overwhelming! When I first walked into the exhibit hall, I know I had that glazed over look in my eyes. It's sure grown in the last several years....

God blessed and I found what I wanted and only went a little bit over budget. : ) Considering all those vendors and the fact that it's homeschool heaven and that I didn't have my hubby there to talk me out of my 3 unnecessary purchases, I thought I did rather well!ha ha

Here's some things we are going to use next year:

Joy, Andrew and Nathan are going to do A New World of Adventure by Learning Adventures.
I love, love, love unit studies!!! This includes everything but math. Joy and Andrew are using Saxon and Nathan is using Math U See.

Zach is going to do Sonlight's Core 100 American History and their language arts program. But I was blessed to find it used before I arrived! yahoo! And I'm going to use the library and Amazon for the required literature. We love Teaching Textbooks for Math! Zach said that he doesn't love math but he does love this curriculum, and that's a praise report and I am so thankful! (even though it is SO pricey!) We are going to do some various things in chemistry for science. His elective is going to be computer media. Not sure on the official title we are giving that but he loves editing and he wants to work in the media dept. at church, video taping the services. We also bought an interview from a computer genius who shares free software info. that he really wanted. I think he'll have fun with it.

(now for the unnecessary purchases)

I love Geography Matters and we've done their studies for the last couple of years. I bought this adorable piece of fabric from them! And I am going to make into a quilt to hang on the wall. I think all the states will look too cute quilted. Each state has a fun reminder of what is grown there or what it is popular for. The kids love it. Of course, I can't work on this til I finish the quilt I'm working on that was a Christmas gift for someone special last Christmas! I'm slow!

It was fun to have Zachary along. He's so sweet. And he patiently followed me around for hours shopping and going to lectures. He got really worn out. He wanted to know how I could keep on going and he said "Mom, books must give you energy or something!" ; ) They probably do, I love them!

This was his reward. A marshmellow gun. Sorry, my toes are in the photo!!!

Cute, huh? (the gun and not my toes!!) It came with marshmellows. Very easy to make! We are going to give it a try so that Nate, Joy and Roo can shoot back at him. : )

All the way home, we talked about potatoe cannons and matchbox rockets! This is what we will be up to this summer and he's pretty excited. And it's all science! So, of course, I'm excited. This was from Vision Forum.
Besides the shopping, I heard some inspiring and helpful lectures on high school. I was so blessed to be coached through some choices by my dear friend and evaluator Debbie Strayer. She is such an encouragement!


*Note to myself, just in case I forget: It wasn't in the least bit relaxing so remember that you do not want to make this weekend into a family vacation even if you can afford it someday. : )


toni said...

Sounds like a good plan.
We use MY FATHER'S WORLD (unit studies, classical, Charlotte Mason, biblical world view). We also use MUS. I'm deciding about language arts for next year. I know I'll do Abeka K5 phonics for my 5yo ds.

JennaG said...

WE love Sonlight--and the marshmallow guns are the best. My sister has the backyard ballistic book. They did the potato cannon while we were there once--too cool. Your kids will love it! I know you are going to do a wonderful job!

gr8tful4grace said...

Your choices look awesome! We've been pondering Backyard Ballistics too. What fun! ~Yvonne