"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 17, 2007

The tea, the chocolate and a book suggestion

The Mother/Daughter Tea
Here's our picture.

Oh! I want a chocolate fountain of my very own! Yum! Those are too fun! Actually, it's probably better that I don't get one. ; ) I got a kick out of a couple little girls who would put their pretzels under the chocolate, take a bite and then stick them back in the fountain. EWW!!

It was a great, girly time! And goodness knows, she and I were overdue for one of those! (but we have another one coming up that is going to oh, so fun. I'll post about it soon)

I was rather surprised though, when someone at our table insulted all homeschoolers in general. Maybe she didn't notice she was outnumbered. ha ha. But, I didn't take offense. It doesn't bother me if she thinks all homeschoolers are weird. (she doesn't know the fun she's missing!!!)

Then she told us her opinion of how just ghastly it is that some girls only want to grow up to be wives and mothers. (That was me! And I'm loving it!!!!)

Speaking of which, have you read this book?

It will totally encourage you in your glorious roles as wives and mothers. And if it doesn't radically change your life, then it will, at the very least -BLESS it. ~ And your hubby will be really glad you read it.


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toni said...

I just received this book via the Paperback Book Swap for free. I have only read a few pages thus far, but know I'm going to love and benefit from it. I had to giggle a bit (and pray a bit) when it arrived with Watch Tower maggies.