"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

May 11, 2007

Achievement Night and Mother's Day

Tonight is our home school group's Achievement Night where we honor our children for their accomplishments throughout the year. It's always a really nice evening. Everyone dresses up and brings a main dish and dessert to share. Someone has a relative who is a professional photographer and we each have a family photo made.
In past years, each family takes the stage for a few minutes and passes out "diploma's" for whatever grade their children finished and the fathers say sweet things about the kids and their wives.... but that took WAY too long!
The next year it was shortened to just the passing out of diplomas and no sweet speeches.
The next year (to save more time) the parents didn't go on the stage at all and the president of the group passed out the diplomas as our kids filed past...

Kind of funny how things evolve!

At least my family is really getting a kick out of it this time. This year we only have to come in dressy/casual attire. My hubby is really glad he doesn't have to wear a tie ! The newsletter said that we were to bring "desserts to share." I thought, 'OK, that's sure easy!'
But then the next newsletter arrived and it said that we are now to bring "healthy snacks." Too funny! You see someone complained about all the sugar intake.
I don't know, but somehow the evening seems to have lost some of the essence of celebration...
Maybe it's just us, but our kids aren't too excited about going to celebrate with carrot sticks. ; )
Mother's day is on the way!
It's fun to watch the kids scurry around and keep secrets. Sundays are so busy with church etc... that my hubby has decided that Mother's day will have two phases. (last year he postponed it all together for a more convenient day, because we were in CO, cleaning out Grand Dad's house to sell)
So, Mother's day Phase Two will be next Saturday. We will be going to both services on Sunday morning because the drama group that Joy and Andrew are in, were asked to do the Behold the Lamb song (again!) for the whole church this time. Which is really neat. (and since my battery was dead at the women's conference-I'm really glad for another chance to film it!)

Andrew made me shake hands and promise that I will not be on a diet on Sunday.
Today he wrote me a letter saying that he wanted to buy me lunch today for Mother's day. It was so cute. It was a keeper of a letter, since 'lunch' was misspelled. I love those little notes. He handed me a $5.00 bill and said "you can get pretty much anything you want to!" : )

Saturday, the Missionettes (similar to christian girl scouts)
are having a Mother / daughter tea!
Joy says that she has 'nothing to wear.' (I'm SO glad I have a daughter!!!!! They are so much fun!)
So, we will be going there tomorrow (after we figure out what to wear!) and the guys are all going to Carlos' to help dig up two tree stumps. Their kind of fun! That night my hubby and I are going to have a much needed date night. yay!
That will be our weekend! I hope yours is blessed and that you have a wonderful Mother's day!!!

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