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May 1, 2007

Me and my Tri Star

I have a love/hate relationship with my vacuum.
(this one is similar to mine)
More often hate than love actually. It's a tank! It must weigh 40 lbs! We bought it used 5 yrs. ago for $300.00 because we wanted something that was really going to clean our carpets and help with allergies. It does! It picks up dog hair and dust by the pound! (can you tell that I don't change the bags as often as I should?) My step mom still has the one I grew up using! (it's cute and retro looking in a turquoise green color) I've often wanted to retire my 'tank' to a closet and head to Target for a cheap LIGHT WEIGHT vacuum.

But for some reason, my hubby loves it! (not that he actually uses it-ha ha) But, there's something about it that he appreciates. Maybe its the beefy motor? I can't remember because I usually zone out when he recites all the good qualities of my vacuum. ; )

Anyway, after breaking belts just about weekly and filling our house with a lovely burned rubber fragrance, the rug attachment finally bit the dust. Or ceased to bite the dust, anymore.

The repairman called today:

"We can fix your attachment for $88.00 or we can offer you a trade in on your old unit and give you $1350 towards the new model."

$1350.00 or $ 13.50? I'm thinking.

Purely out of curiosity I asked how much the new model is. He said $2700.00. choke!
But, only $1350 for me, with my trade in. (Goodness, are we really talking about VACUUMS

Then I heard the sales pitch for the new one and mercy me, I wanted one! He said "Basically, everything that you don't like about yours, has been changed and is no longer an issue and you can use it one handed because it goes in whatever direction you turn your wrist. You can even use it while talking on the phone because it is so quiet now."
AAAHHH! It sounded heavenly! And I had a radical change of heart towards Tri Stars. ; )
When I told my hubby all this on the phone today, he said:

"Where's my wife? I want to speak to my wife. What have you done to her?!" (he's so funny!)

I told him how the repairman is going to fix our attachment and wants us to bring in our whole vacuum to discuss trading it in.

To which he said, "Send Zach in with the money (to pay for the attachment) and be sure you wait in the car!" I laughed and laughed.

So, no trade in for me! I won't be vacuuming and talking on the phone any time in the near future. And I probably can't get it to go where I want it to even if I turn my whole body. But just the thought of it will make me smile, as I lug my 'tank' out of the closet and thank the Lord that I don't have a two story house!

*Updated later:
The repairman had Tri Stars from every decade. Too cute! My mom's is from the early 50's. They were made in 1946 after the war. He said "they were made by engineers who had nothing to do and this is what they came up with." Wow! No wonder, it's a "tank!!!!" ; )


JennaG said...

That does look older--I don't know if I would ever want to get it out. We just bought a Dyson and I love it--it's the greatest. How funny that your hubby wouldn't let you go in!!!

gr8tful4grace said...

Wow, Becky! You have the honor of being the friend with the most expensive vacuum! Man, you should pull it out when company comes over! I think it deserves a room of it's own too. No stuffy closet will do! That thing needs to be displayed! LOL ~Yvonne

Becky said...

I kid you not, my kids are showing it to company right now!!! ha ha