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April 28, 2007

The most fun you can have for .88 cents!


Aren't they just the best fun you can have for the money!?

~Unless you count eating one of these, which is .55 cents! ; )
But, I'm trying not to do that because I am sort of on the South Beach Diet with my hubby.

I was positively giddy about going to Home Depot to shop for flowers and mulch. So much so, that as I stepped out the front door, Zachary asked me why I was bringing pancakes! Good question!
I was still holding a zip lock bag of them that I meant to put in the fridge! Too funny!
I may plant seeds next, because I love Cosmos and Zinnias. But right now, I wanted instant blooming gratification. : )
I'm always amazed at what a huge difference just a few flowers can make in a yard.The other fun thing that happened was that the gardenia bush bloomed. I love gardenias!!! They remind me of my grandmother who is in heaven, who used to wear gardenia perfume.



toni` said...

Aw, beautiful annuals. And the contrast of the Reeses is nice (especially as that's my favorite candy in the whole wide world).
p.s. my Thinking Blogger post is up. Thanks again, Becky.

JennaG said...

Yep--planted a bunch of those this weekend. I'm not quite finished, actually.