"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 16, 2007

Today and yesterday's hair


It's been a big topic around our house lately.
I love the clean cut look on my boys. Nathan however, is going for that moppy, 70's -ish look
(as I call it) that is 'in' right now. Here is his favorite band, notice their hair... I'm really in for it.

My wise hubby has given Nathan permission to "have his hair anyway that he wants" to
because Nathan is "respectful to all the adults in his life and obedient to us and always makes us proud." (Praise the Lord, and I'm really glad he doesn't want a faux hawk)

It's been rather hard for me. But what I need to do is remember what my favorite band looked like. (gag!) Notice their hair...
I'll take the moppy 70's ish look over this anyday!!!!

Secretly, I think anything my kids want to do or wear for the
sake of fashion is just going to be me, reaping what I have sown! ; ) But, let's keep that a secret.

I will refrain from showing you my hair at that time. And we won't even mention the extreme use of EYE LINER. (oh my!)

The other day, Nathan said "Mom, can we get my hair cut today?" OH YES, that was music to my ears! I did protect him from the scissor- happy barber, who always makes sure I get my money's worth by saying that Nathan "still wants this moppy 70'ish look and can you just trim it or shape it or do something to make it look better?"

~Which they did and it does! ~In a moppy, 70'ish sort of way. ; )



JennaG said...

Yes, those haircuts in the top picture are much better than the ones in the second picture!! My son would love to grow his hair out, but the military in my hubby just won't let him allow it!! I'm sure your son is quite handsome!

JennaG said...

And thank you for your prayers regarding JBQ. Our team came in 4th in the region. We are very proud, but they were disappointed since we were 1st last year. We are taking a little break, and then we will be studying for Nationals in Wisconsin!

JennaG said...

Thanks for your congratulations--we are very proud of them. I hope your church's team does well and makes it to National's. I, too, hate it when I see coaches being too hard on their kids. I didn't see any of that at our competition, though.