"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 10, 2007

Our crazy adventures for the last two days...and the end of spring BREAK

~It started out with me in the bathroom hearing the boys screaming that Philip had fallen off the swing. Lots of tears followed...

~Philip's arm was scraped and a little swollen at the wrist.

~Zach threw his back out playing wiffle ball. (not sure how that happened and he's never had problems with his back before)

~Philip was using the ice pack on his wrist and so Zach had to lay on frozen corn. It felt like a regular hospital ward. Philip was on the couch and Zach was in our bedroom. I gave him a bell to ring if he needed anything then told him that I would kill him if he rung it. -Totally teasing of course! ; )

~My sister in law and I talked back and forth and decided that I should take Phil to our doctor in case he had a SPRAIN (a break was not even in our minds because he had some movement) Praise the Lord, that they sent along one of those wonderful letters, the kind you are sure you'll never actually need to use, that said we had their permission to seek medical treatment if we felt it was necessary. I don't know how many times I had to pull out that letter for this experience!

~Nathan was the active babysitter while Zach was the real -but bedridden one, for Joy and Andrew.

~I took both nephews to the doctor with me and waited 2 and half hours to be seen. The old style arcade games they have in the waiting room were a real blessing! I beat Sam at Ms. Pac Man. (I used to be a Ms. Pac Man junkie many, many years ago) ; ) And he was impressed. But he beat me at every game of Frogger and Galactiga. (remember those games?)

~We were in shock to hear that Philip had broken his arm!!! How relieved I was that we'd decided to come and check it. It really did not appear to be broken. So, I guess you just can't tell! They weren't able to set his arm because his growth plates were involved which meant flying home in the morning without it being set or getting it set and putting off flying home. We put off flying home... (they were excited about staying another day)

~It was definitely a pizza and movie night for my benefit. : )

~Praising the Lord when I finally spoke to a human at the pediatric orthopedics's office in the morning and we were able to make an appt. for today!

~When we went to pick up the x rays from yesterday, we watched as a stray dog found his way inside the office and ran three laps around the waiting room! This made everyone smile and laugh. (Which made me realize how little smiling goes on in doctors waiting rooms!) The little guy made its way through an open door to the treatment area! One wise mom, told her toddler that the dog was 'here for a check up and did you see how happy he was to go back there?!" : ) (she had my admiration for her quick thinking! And a happy toddler!)

~We waited some more at the ped. ortho. and the receptionist finally let us know that she'd forgotten to tell us we wouldn't be treated until after lunch! That gave me less than 30 min. to feed my starving nephews and Joy, who came along to keep Sam company. We ate at a pricey little coffee shop in the medical building because we didn't have the time to go anywhere else. The waitress was impressed that I had children 'who liked to eat healthy.' I had to confess that we didn't have time to run to Burger King!!! : ) But the food was great.

~I got teased in the elevator for my Smith Wiggleworth book that says "Healing. Experience God's miracles." A sweet elderly man said that if I was experiencing God's miracles then I wouldn't be there needing a doctor. I laughed and had to agree. (I bet S. W. had the faith to believe God for broken bones)

~We rushed back in the office, just as they called Philip's name!

~For some unknown reason, they said that the bone didn't need to be set after all. It wasn't displaced at all. That was enough of a miracle for me. Thank you Lord! Without having to set the bone, getting a cast was really easy!

~Now we are home, and their parents are working on getting the boys a flight home tomorrow.

They've had one sickness, one black eye (the hide and seek accident - running into something) and a broken arm! (lots of bonding moments)
They told one of the doctors that they didn't want to ever come back to Florida again. He told them that they'll have some good stories to tell when they get back to California! : )

May God bless the 'olive plants' for being great hosts!

~Becky -the tired Mommy/Aunt

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JennaG said...

Wow, what a visit. You must have died when they said it was broken!!!! I'm glad all went well and maybe they will forget the bad things that happened and focus on the good--and they will want to come visit again!