"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 10, 2007

The video and our goodbyes

Here's a picture of our swing. It's not your everyday swing that Philip fell from when he broke his arm! Bless his heart! This is Andrew's friend on it. The kids usually go up about 4 rungs higher (ugh!) and jump with the swing between their legs. They love it!

Zachary was filming the kids playing wiffle ball when the accident happened. (They played so much wiffle ball last weekend, my hubby was swinging in his dreams ) He got the whole fall on tape! Tonight, we watched it on our TV. I had seen it on the TINY screen on the camcorder yesterday without sound but this was a whole different ballpark. The kids, including Philip, thought it was hilarious and were rolling with laughter. They want to send it to America's Funniest Home Videos. My hubby and I were cringing in horror. Phil had to say "Aunt Becky, I'm right here and I'm fine!" (he's a sweetie) What happened was, he swung off the ladder as usual but on the upswing, the swing came out from under him and he sailed about 6 ft. in the air and then hit the ground rolling and crashed into the recycling bin (full of glass no less!!!) and the BBQ grill. All I could do is think how much worse it could have been and thank God it wasn't.

We were out the door early this morning to make a stop at the Cracker Barrel gift shop before heading to the airport. The cousins wanted more Mad Libs for the long plane ride home. Cracker Barrel is the only place I ever remember seeing them. (Only spending 5 min. in the CB gift shop should make me qualify for some kind of award in self control, because I LOVE that store!)

We were able to get a pass for all of us to go all the way to the gate to see off our unaccompanied minors. The pass had the first name of each of my children and their ages on it. Then a security guard tried to well, trick/test Zach by saying the wrong age with his name. It was rather puzzling and not done by accident. I guess, it was to make sure that I wasn't trying to sneak children who didn't belong to me over to the gate to say goodbye to children who really didn't belong to me???

Traveling with a cast meant two interesting things happened. First, Phil's cast was 'checked for explosives.' The way it was explained to us, Phil and I both thought that they were about to chip off a piece of it off and test it. : ) Really glad that didn't happen! The cast was just rubbed with a circular white piece of paper and then that paper was tested to see if it had been in contact with explosives. (interesting!) The second thing, was that it meant he could pre-board and sit anywhere on the plane he wanted to. (pretty cool!) We said our goodbyes and after all that happened, he actually said he was sad to go and looking forward to coming back. : )


Who's hat is off to all of you who have 6 children! Whew!

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JennaG said...

That is a great looking swing--my kids would love to have that thing! Yes, a meal at church is great. We have gone to this church for 7 years and they have always had a cooking staff to fix the meal. The food is good and it does make Wed. nights much easier on me! It's cheap too!