"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 3, 2007

They made it!

Picking up the cousins!

Our California cousins are here! Next time I pick up 'unaccompanied minors' I'll have to remember to come earlier and to take into consideration spring break! But, all went well even though we couldn't meet them at their gate. They sure were brave little guys to fly 3,000 miles alone! And the first thing I noticed was that they are not really that little. I think they've each grown a foot since October!
My hubby got a kick out of me at dinner as I am not used to cooking for such an army. : )
He started making Christmas Story jokes about how I may not 'have a hot meal for a week' because I had to jump up and make more quesidillas several times. (we had soup)
It was a loud fun meal. And after it was over, I went to Publix for MORE food! ; )
We are going to try and turn them on to American Idol tonight because we have to mourn the departure of Chris Sligh and hope that all those junior high girls will give the world a break and stop voting for you know who, because of his HAIR. (just my two cents)
Tomorrow is strawberry picking and lunch at McDonald's which is a yearly tradition. The cousins weren't as excited about the McDonald's lunch as my kids. They said that 'fast food is fattening.' (is that too cute or what?!) I will have to assure them that they will work/play it off. (or at least I'm pretty sure I will ) ha ha


JennaG said...

You definitely have your hands full for awhile. But what great memories you all will have. I am so jealous about the strawberries. I love them, but there is nowhere to pick around here. We used to pick them in Missouri and Washington state all the time.

toni (in the midst..) said...

Oooh! Have a great time together. And yes, they're brave to travel so far unaccompanied. I didn't make that first trip until I was 18 and I was quite nervous (even though my dad worked for the airlines).