"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 5, 2007

A quiet day of spring break

There could have been too much consuming of strawberries yesterday or maybe it was the food from the golden arches afterward, but somebody was feeling sick to their stomach early, early this morning.

In spite of Nathan telling us over and over that "salt water cures everything," we've decided to postpone the beach until Sam is feeling better. He has a headache.

Andrew and I found out that when you have a stuffy nose, 'Bundt cake' sounds a lot like 'butt kick.' But we worked it out. : )
We had waffles with strawberries and later we'll have strawberry shortcake with the Bundt cake. (maybe not all of us, that is)

(speaking of which, I can't say Bundt cake without thinking of and imitating My Big Fat Greek Wedding! And my kids don't get it because we haven't let them see the movie. I love it but as they would say, "it's too smoochy!")

So, it's been a quiet day, with lots of movie watching.
The cousins didn't really get into Napoleon Dynamite. (we, however, are WAY too into it)
This is probably a good thing or they might have gone home with all the funniest lines memorized and driven their mom crazy. ; ) (I would know that from experience)



JennaG said...

You cracked me up with the "butt kick" comment--too funny. That "butt kick" with strawberries sounds way too good for words! Enjoy your visit!

JennaG said...

And I can hardly wait to read all the books I bought. I am glad you liked Grapes of Wrath and Hinds' Feet. It makes me think I made some good choices!