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April 27, 2007

The lengths we went to for free bowling and pizza...

It's that time of year again. Our orthodontist's free bowling and all- you- can- eat- pizza party! And since I have given him thousands of dollars, for this gorgeous smile, I didn't mind going and eating our share of pizza! ; )
This will be our last pizza party since our visits will end in less than a year. Not to mention we hope to see very little of our sweet orthodontist this year since Zach is NEVER going to loose his retainer. And I will never again (by the grace of God) wipe it right off the counter into the trash can... nope, never again. : )

So, we showed up at the bowling alley where the party was last year and the parking lot was just about empty! Last year's event was huge and so I came to the brilliant conclusion that they must be holding the party at a different bowling alley this year. I drove us to another one that was located a couple miles away and we found another empty parking lot. I kid you not, just to make my kids feel better, I drove us to a third bowling alley! They were bummed to find another empty parking lot. (I guess no one bowls at 3:30 on Tuesday afternoons) We drove back home and one of them decides to call the orthodontist. He asked what bowling alley the party was to be held at and the receptionist told him. Funny, that was the first bowling alley we were just at! I also thought it was odd that the receptionist was even there, because the whole staff was at last year's party! (I'm slow, I know!) So, we happily drove all the way back to the first bowling alley with my older boys and their big appetites talking about how great unlimited pizza is! They were a little concerned about arriving so late though. But, to our surprise the parking lot was still looking sparse. One of the kids suggested that maybe the moms were not staying this year and had just dropped off their kids. (and that actually sounded plausible to this very tired mom at that moment!) So, we confidently walked into...

an EMPTY bowling alley!

Now my wheels are turning and then it clicks! (about 2 hrs. too late)
April 24th or May 24th hmmmmmm! We weren't late, we were a MONTH early!

Then the owner said "Well?" and I said "Hi" and kept walking right out the door. I was WAY too embarrassed to admit we'd come for a huge bowling party on the wrong day and hadn't even gotten a clue outside the bowling alley (let's keep the other two a secret) and so it appeared to him that 5 people came inside for .50 cents worth of Floam that Joy bought out of the gum ball machine!
Zach summed it up by telling Dad that "we had a blond day." (even though we are a mini van full of brunettes!) Unfortunately, my hubby wasn't in the lest bit surprised. Which rather hurt, but I have been known to have taken us to a concert and a graduation on the wrong dates! ; )

who needs to take a better look at her calender!

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JennaG said...

Oh, that is so funny! How embarrassing was that??? I would have been tempted to go ahead and bowl a game. It's so funny that you even called! Yes, God was so good to me with my family coming and with my date with hubby! It means a lot to know He cares about the smallest things.