"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

April 10, 2007

Some of our favorite things for child raising

These have been a blessing:

It is a wonderful parenting magazine. (very convicting!) It is free!
I'll tell you how much the Pearl's materials have blessed us. When we remodeled our bathroom, my hubby said he wanted to have a built in magazine holder put in underneath the toilet paper holder. (I thought that sounded a little tacky but it turned out very nice) I wasn't sure why he wanted magazines in the bathroom since we only have a quilting magazine subscription. : ) He said it was for the Pearl's magazines so that he would not miss a single article!

2. Swim Modest. Joy and I both have one of these. These bathing suits were designed by a home school mom! (I love their home school resource catalog also) These suits are pretty pricey! But Joy really likes wearing them because they are comfortable and modest. She can play with her brothers and not have to worry about pulling anything up or down...

3. Plugged In because I seem to always be needing movie reviews. I love this resource. I know exactly what to expect and can make informed movie choices. It has been such a blessing.

4. The spring swing is the best thing we ever spent money on for out kiddos! If you have a big tree than you have to get one. They are so much fun. Ours lasted our family for at least 5 years and it held a lot more than 70 lbs. because no one wanted to believe they'd out grown it! Great fun and worth the money!!!


JennaG said...

Thanks for posting these--I use Plugged In regularly, but was so thrilled to see that swimsuit one! I think those look so nice. I'm going to check those out!

JennaG said...

And the timer really is a great thing to use to limit your blogging time! We use it for a lot of things around here!