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July 6, 2007

Kitchen remodel

Here's a little update on the kitchen remodel:

This curtain which is really a sheet and a drop cloth, were my hubby's wonderful idea to keep the construction dust out of the rest of the house. I had to smile the other day though because I got into a bit of trouble with the library over construction dust. (during the pre-curtain era, that is)
Their computer said that I "turned in dvd's with dirt and a strange white substance in them" and that I need to be more careful with their materials. Oops! That goes to show that we had dust absolutely everywhere.

Last week we had a set back. A gust of wind came up and blew over this gorgeous window and it broke into about a million pieces. It was a blessing from my hubby's company. They weren't going to use it and it was a $600.00 window that they let us have for $60.00. What a deal. It was pretty sad to see it in pieces. But now, in hind sight, I think it was a little extreme for our little house. It has all worked out for the best because God has provided us with another smaller one. And I think I like it better! : )
It's really two windows.
Well, we have a long way to go but we are well past the scary part.

We now have a solid floor (of plywood) and a solid foundation! (no longer sagging)
Another big thing that has just happened is that our water filter is now hooked up inside of the house. No more going out of doors to fill up our water jugs. That was interesting... We had that 'go to the well for water' feeling going on for the last couple of weeks! : )
So, the kitchen is coming along! Carlos is one amazing friend and this is one incredible gift!


Barb said...

What a shame about your window. I'm glad you're happy with the replacement. But that had to be a little scary, the wind blowing it to smitherines like that.

I laughed at you getting in trouble at the library. I hope you explained things are just a tad powdery around your place right now. :-)

Judith said...

Maybe it's better the big beautiful window broke earlier, and not later. Also, I am glad the library didn't send the Has Mat crew (did I spell that right?) out to investigate the white powder.

I just want you to know I think you are more than brave to tackle a house change this big, but it will be so grand when its all done, and a celebration is in order.