"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

July 18, 2007

Fun bloggy give aways

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Have you seen this?! Doesn't, it sound like fun? Thanks to Shannon at Rocks in my dryer for hosting! I'm trying to decide what to give away. Shannon said it could be something we've made or already own. I know I own something cute that I could give away, but my house is such a remodeling mess that even if I could think of it I probably couldn't find it.

She also mentioned we may want to give away something that is significant to our blogs... That sounded really fun. So, I thought about giving away:

~an olive plant (as in literally a plant and not one of my kids!) but postally speaking, : ) that isn't going to work

~a Home Depot gift card in honor of the remodeling blessing, but I'm not sure LADIES would really enjoy that although my hubby was all for it (not that he could enter)

~ a gift card to Joanne's Fabric because I should be quilting and not blogging, but I'm not sure everyone has one of those

And then it hit me! SOMETHING that almost everyone will love!!! So, come back on Monday and enter the contest and see what it is. : )


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Judith said...

Am not sure I'm putting this in the right place. Thanks for your comment about my "Tomorrow" (Just wait til you read my next one!)

Are you the brave family who are doing all that work in your house?

I so like reading the quotes you highlight. God Bless you for that.