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July 9, 2007

Because everyone needs a quilt in the middle of summer

I really enjoy quilting. I love to piece quilts together on the machine and do the quilting by hand. It's just so fun and relaxing.

I made my sister a quilt during all the hurricanes we had three years ago. (but I don't have a photo of it)That was a fun one with some funky fabrics.
Last year for our 15th year anniversary, I made this one for my sweet hubby. You can't see it but there are hearts quilted on the squares. I couldn't find a dark blue chenille so I had to make it in light blue. I guess it was meant to be a throw for someone of my small stature because it really isn't long enough for him, but I promised him a better one for our 20 yr. anniversary. : )

By the way, I don't claim to be good at quilting, I just enjoy it.

I've made about 10 baby quilts for friends and relatives having babies. That was back when mine were babies and I wasn't a full time home school mom yet.

Here is the one I made while pregnant with Joy. This was before I found out she was a girl, or there would of been no end to the pink fabrics I would have used. : ) It has bunnies on it. It has been really loved on over the years which makes it even more special.

This one I made just for fun to match our living room a few years ago. Joy asked if she could have it and so I gladly gave it to her.

I've found that when patterns say that "you can make this over the weekend," they are lying. ; ) Not really, but if somebody or should I say, everybody, can make it in a weekend then I now know that I can make it in a month!

So, I fell for one of those patterns again and made my largest quilt ever made for Carlos as a Christmas gift.

I thought a bachelor would enjoy a homemade quilt as long as it looked masculine, that is.

By Christmas morning I had it pieced and basted together with the batting...
And I gave it to him just like that! Then he had to give it back to me so that I could quilt and bind it. Tacky, I know.

I thought I would have it done for him by New Years. Oh, am I ever an unrealistic quilter. I was planning to quilt it by machine to get it done fast, but my peddle seems to be broken and I've finally just ripped out the machine quilting and I'm quilting it all by hand. Here it is July, and it isn't done yet. He teases me that 'I am going to milk this gift for all it's worth' and give it to him again for the next holiday too. ha ha - Not a bad idea! But, really, he's been very patient about it.

Since it is flannel, it is one mighty warm quilt. I was sweating bullets with it on my lap last night. And ya know, it is going to be bitterly cold here in FL in AUGUST when I finally finish it, so it will really come in handy! ; )


Eva said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't always get her gifts done on time. I have given partially finished gifts and had to finish them later. My mother never quilted, because everyone did, and she didn't want to be like everyone else. She has passed on now and left oodles and gobbs of fabric scraps. So my sisters and I are getting into the quilting thing. Haven't started any yet, but I know I'll be like you when I do, if it says a weekend it will take me a month.
Love you quilt pics.

Becky said...

Wow, that's neat that she didn't want to follow the crowd. : ) I hope you and your sisters enjoy it! It will be really special to have quilts nade from her fabric!