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July 4, 2007

The dangers of taking your wife with you to Home Depot

I think it will be a very long time before my hubby and I go in a Home Depot together without laughing, that is, if he'll take me with him again at all....

Home Depot is just about my hubby's second home... While we were there this morning, I squealed in delight at finding this obscure item that I wanted and it startled him. (which means he must not shop with me very often) : )
Well, I must have really flustered him because a couple seconds later he starts talking to one of the employees and saying "Do you smell...?" But he meant SELL! : )
And if that wasn't too funny, then he said "Of course, you do!"

(but when he said 'of course you do!' in his mind he was thinking of smell as in ya know, does your nose work? Because he's been having really bad allergies and his doesn't)

But, the way it came off sounding was "Of course, you do!" As in, 'We all know, that you Buddy, have body odor!') Then he got out the "Do you sell nylon ties?" And even though this guy was looking at us weird, he did politely tell us where to find them and not send us on the wild goose chase we probably deserved.

And I laughed out loud and could not contain myself for 4 aisles!!!

Maybe you had to be there because our kids didn't think this story was very funny when we told them and you might not either, but it WAS and we are still laughing about it.

He is such a sweetheart and would never offend anyone on purpose ever! And so, when he felt so bad about it, that he wanted to finish our shopping at a different Home Depot, I had to laugh all the more. : ) He is so cute!

(and it was very sweet of him to let me blog it)
Happy 4th!!!

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JennaG said...

Kids just don't know what's funny because you had me laughing out loud. That is so funny--but I think your hubby should always take you to Home Depot because laughter does a heart good like medicine!!! (Proverbs 17:22) Happy Fourth to you and yours.