"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise." ~Andy Stanley

November 1, 2007

Refreshing the saints

I found out that my friend Tammy is a fellow blogger with a beautiful blog! And if you are homeschooling and have preschoolers too, than you are going to want her to be your new BFF because she has lots of wonderful ideas and activities for the pre-K crowd. She's a blessing to our homeschool group and has such a precious family.

The first day that I visited her blog she'd written on hospitality and it was just what I needed to read! It was a great reminder that I'm not called to give people a fabulous entertaining experience, with complicated recipes where everything seems perfect.
I am called to 'refresh the saints'!
And 'to be hospitable without grumbling.'

God worked it out that I read her post just a few days before having company for the first time in a long while because all summer, our kitchen looked something like this:

So, with that new concept in our hearts, we spent a good deal of time the rest of the week, praying that our family would 'refresh' the Y family when they came over.
And I actually didn't cook any of my favorite 'company' meals. I made something super easy and kid friendly.
I did clean the absolute daylights out of my house though and if I tried to act like I didn't, I think I'd be struck dead. (teasing!)
Anyway, we had the best time! Hopefully, we succeeded in blessing the precious Y family.

I'd say that all 7 kids had a great time together. Zach and Nate got on their instruments and played Light of the World while their daughters and Joy sang it. Then they practiced the worship song that they all know in sign language from being together on the kids church praise and worship team. I was really blessed watching them. Aren't kingdom friends the best?!

We are all looking forward to more opportunities to 'refresh the saints.'
Now, I don't think my kiddos will twitch or be allergic to hospitality in the future! ; )

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Becky said...

Doesn't that feel good, to have people in your home. I always think, especially at Christmas, how fun it is to have others over. Why decorate and have the house looking all spiffy and festive without having someone to enjoy it?

I am glad you had fun.